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by | May 22, 2013 | Encouragement, Inspiration

I saw this picture today and it stopped me in my tracks…

Photo Credit: Heath Dodd

(You might need to click on it and zoom in.)

This was taken in the wreckage of one of the massive tornadoes that hit Oklahoma yesterday. As we’ve watched news footage and heard stories of what our fellow Americans are going through from this disaster, our hearts can’t help but ache for them and our prayers are filled with petitions for them. Our lives are going on…as they are digging out and trying to figure out how to begin life again. We get concerned about the little things…as they are dealing with a disaster of a lifetime.

Boy, things like this can shock us back into reality of truly what’s important. May we really take a look at our lives and make adjustments where needed. I’m reminded my house can be gone in an instant. Our electronics, our cars, all of our possessions can be removed from us in the blink of an eye. What would remain? Those are the things I want to cling to…my family, my relationships, my salvation. And the only thing truly lasting from that list is my salvation. May I never take what God gives me for granted!

Please continue to lift those who are suffering through this tragedy in prayer with me.

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