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Encouragement for Real Life

The Podcast

Encouragement for Real Life

Welcome to the Encouragement for Real Life podcast!

We both know real life is a mixture of blessings and blunders, celebrations and sadness, excitement and apathy, happiness and heartaches. It’s a combination of memory-making moments and yes, moments we’d rather forget. And some days we could use some extra encouragement for the real lives we are living right now.

Well, friend, this is the place you will find that encouragement. Full of hope, promise, and a whole lot of joy we all need for this journey called life. All in about 15 minutes each week. The episodes are short enough to fit into your real life as you’re driving, making dinner, on your lunch break, or whenever you choose to listen.

You’ll find these encouraging episodes below and on your favorite podcast platform. Subscribe to stay up to date and give a 5-star rating to help others find this encouragement!

I’ m so glad you’re here, friend!

24. The Day After The Most Depressing Day Of The Year

Did you know yesterday, the third Monday in January, was a special day? It was. (Well, each of our days are special, right? I mean each day we are given is a gift from God. Absolutely.) But yesterday was one of those weirdly termed, I guess you...


The Day After the Most Depressing Day of the Year

23. 10 Simple Ways To Remain Joyful This Winter

Of all the people I know, I can only think of two whose favorite season is winter. Two people. Because the majority of us would rather skip over winter all together, right? We'd rather transition from the vibrant colors of fall, straight into...


10 Simple Ways to Remain Joyful This Winter

22. Hello 2022: The New Year We Are Ready For

Here we are Just four days into this new year, so in today's Encouragement for Real Life podcast episode titled "Hello 2022: The New Year We Are Ready For," we are discussing all the things having to do with this brand-new year of 2022. And I...


Hello 2022: The Year We Are Ready For

Goodbye To 2021: Time To Reflect, Grow, And Celebrate

Merry Christmas! Yes, I'm still offering Christmas wishes since Christmas was just three days ago. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that you were able to keep Christmas simple. We discussed that here all month long. And I pray you were...


Goodbye to 2021: Time to Reflect, Grow, and Celebrate

20. Merry Christmas 2021! My Gift To You

Merry Christmas! We've discussed much in the last three weeks about Christmas and this season. How to keep it simple and special, what do we do when it is not the most wonderful time of the year, and ways to have a stress-free Christmas. And...


Merry Christmas 2021 - My Gift to You

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