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Encouragement for Real Life

The Podcast

Encouragement for Real Life

Welcome to the Encouragement for Real Life podcast!

We both know real life is a mixture of blessings and blunders, celebrations and sadness, excitement and apathy, happiness and heartaches. It’s a combination of memory-making moments and yes, moments we’d rather forget. And some days we could use some extra encouragement for the real lives we are living right now.

Well, friend, this is the place you will find that encouragement. Full of hope, promise, and a whole lot of joy we all need for this journey called life. All in about 15 minutes each week. The episodes are short enough to fit into your real life as you’re driving, making dinner, on your lunch break, or whenever you choose to listen.

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I’ m so glad you’re here, friend!

17. Keeping Christmas Simple And Special This Year

Merry Christmas, friend! I know, we are still in November, but the season of Advent started on Sunday. So, even though it may seem a bit early, for this week and the next three, we are switching gears just a bit as we lead up to Christmas....


Keeping Christmas Simple and Special this Year

16. The Difference A Grateful Heart Makes

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm switching gears a bit this week's episode as I share some thoughts on Thanksgiving, some personal Thanksgiving traditions and memories, and some encouragement for our real lives as we go. May this episode inspire you and...


The Difference a Grateful Heart Makes

15. Now Is Not The Time To Give Up

I saw a post on Facebook last week which proved the validity of my hunch. This person's post asked for feedback about how her friends and followers were currently feeling, and what I saw was interesting and confirming. According to that post and...


Now Is Not the Time to Give Up

14. Why Is Living Encouraged Such A Big Deal?

Living encouraged. Why is it so important, and why do I talk about it often? Well, as we live our real, everyday lives, we experience discouragement, right? We can't avoid it, even though we'd like to. And we certainly can't ignore it, even if...


Why Is Living Encouraged Such a Big Deal

13. Help And Hope For Discouraging Days

You are listening to episode 13 of the Encouragement for Real Life podcast. Thank you for being here. How are you today? I pray you are well and are staying encouraged. Last week I was a bit overwhelmed as I witnessed many in my path who were...


Help and Hope for Discouraging Days

12. If God Is Not In A Hurry, Why Are We?

Are you in a hurry these days? What is hurry, anyway? hurry :: to move, proceed, or act with haste; a state of urgency or eagerness; rush; hustle; scurry; bustle Isn't it true, if our pace isn’t rushed, our minds are? We think fast, we...


If God Is Not in a Hurry, Why Are We?

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