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Do We Function Out Of Faith Or Fear? 1

I was an unplanned observer of people this week. Circumstances in our world prompted me to take notice of how people responded and lived their lives because of them. I watched how some functioned out of faith and others functioned out of fear. And, let me tell you, God taught me much through my observations. […]

When Was The Last Time You Took A Break? 2

Taking a break can make all the difference! After completing the 31 Days of Living a Real Life and writing for 31 days straight, my brain needed some time off. Sometimes a break is just what we need. A pause from the rat race, from the fast pace, and from what some call the hamster […]

You And Your Life Are Genuine, Real and Authentic 3

Genuine. Real. Authentic. You and I have come a long way in 31 days… 31 days of living real. And, here we are in our last post on our last day.┬áTime flies when you’re having fun! We’ve covered much ground. Have broken down a few walls (or at least caused a few cracks in them). […]

Freedom Is Found In Releasing Our Anxiety And Cares 1

Anxiety. Cares of this world. They can sometimes get the best of us, can’t they? Recently I found myself fretting. I was seriously anxious about something beyond my control. There wasn’t one thin I could do about the situation, but yet I was worked up. I understood first-hand how anxiety messes with our peace and […]

Will We Follow God To Where We’re Uncomfortable? 4

I don’t believe it’s any coincidence God has prompted me to take a giant leap out of my comfort zone during this Living Real series. In fact, I believe He’s used this series to equip me to follow His lead to a place that makes me nearly want to throw up. As I venture into […]

Living Real And Living Loved When You Don’t Feel Like It 5

There’s days when I don’t feel very loved. Maybe something happened, maybe it’s from the mood I’m in, or maybe it’s just how I’m feeling. Recently I didn’t receive an invitation to an event others were attending. I acted like it was no big deal on the outside, but on the inside, it was anything […]

Living Real As We Overcome With Good 12

We all know there’s much bad in this world. We see it in the headlines and on our social media feeds. It’s happening across the world and across the street. It’s even found a way into our schools, our concerts, our once-considered-safe pastimes. Yes, we seem to be overcome with what’s bad. You know, though, […]