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I’m Julie Lefebure (pronounced Lef-a-bure), and I’m so glad you’re here.

Are you ready to transform your daily discontent into a life of purpose and peace?

If you’ve ever felt like life is passing you by as you juggle endless to-do lists, relentless notifications, and unexpected interruptions, you’re not alone. In a world plagued by distracted living, we often miss the extraordinary moments unfolding right before our eyes.

Life is too important to live it distracted.

Hang out with me here, and we’ll take the steps to live undistracted together.

Are you the most positive person you know

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Are you the most positive person you know

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Are you the most positive person you know

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133. There Has Got To Be More To Life Than This

As I travel around to speak to various groups about my newly published book, Right Now Matters, one question I like to ask is this, "Have you thought or voiced lately 'there has got to be more to life than this'?" And every time I do, I see the same reaction on the faces looking back at me. Every...

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