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I’m Julie, and I’m so glad you’re here.

Real life. Sometimes it gets messy. Sometimes it’s not pretty. And most often it’s anything but perfect. Right? Some days we could use a little help to stay encouraged.

We’re all about that here. In this space you’ll find real encouragement for your real life. I’m someone who doesn’t have this life figured out, nor do I pretend to have it all together. But, as we walk this real-life road alongside of each other, we’ll remain encouraged and enjoy this adventure of life a little more. Together.

You are welcome here, friend.

Are you the most positive person you know

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Are you the most positive person you know

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You Don't Have To Believe Every Thought You Think


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Does God Really Have Good Things In Store For Me?

Do you ever wonder if God really does have good things in store for you? Waking from my sleep the other morning, I claimed the truth, right out of the gate, that God had good things ahead for me that day. I knew God would be with me, He would guide me, and He would shower me with His grace and...

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