Counting Blessings

by | May 19, 2013 | This Lefe Family

I love my life. I am so thankful God has me right where He wants me for this season in my life.

I love being a wife to Bill. I love being a mom to Ali and Zach. I love where we live. I love it that I can see the sunrise and sunset from our home each day. I love that my brothers live within 20 minutes of me. I love my girlfriends, and am honored that I have many. I love my Mary Kay business, the consultants in our unit, and my customers. I love what I get to do at Mission of Hope. I love Bible Study Fellowship and the teaching I receive from God’s Word through it. All these things (and more) I consider gifts from God.

There are days I get discouraged, frustrated and tired. And lately, it seems like I’ve had lots of those kinds of days. My sleep has been compromised greatly, and when that happens, from experience I know it won’t be long and I will begin to feel overloaded and overwhelmed. It might be a nap kind of afternoon!

It’s good to take a look at the blessings in our lives and thank God for each one. I guess that’s why I write posts like this. I look back at them and am reminded of truly how good God has been to me. It’s very helpful when times of discouragement come.

We finished up our Bible Study Fellowship study of Genesis this week. It’s hard to believe how fast the 32 weeks have gone by, and that we’re done until September. I began the study sharing on my blog what God taught me each week, but I got off track doing that after about the eighth week. I wish I would have continued posting about what I was learning. I guess I let life get in the way. It was an amazing 32 weeks though, and God taught me much through each lesson. It’s essential for me to stay in God’s Word this summer. Maybe I’ll share in posts what I’m learning through my own study this summer. We’ll see. 🙂

This was also Zach’s last week of regular season school soccer. Playoffs start this coming week. It’s been a good season for him, and Bill and I have enjoyed cheering him on in each game. We play at home Wednesday, and I’m praying for a win. I fully believe they have the talent this year to go to State!

Ali finished her first year of college this week also. I’m proud of her! She’ll continue working this summer and will have a busy social schedule I’m sure. 🙂

I have begun the work in the flower beds and have all the pots planted. I’d love to finish the flower beds either today or tomorrow, depending on the weather. What a great feeling of accomplishment that will be! I look forward to enjoying our flowers again this year!

We had an encouraging night at church last night. I again watched as God filled the service with His undeniable presence. I’m thankful that it’s Sunday, and that I get to spend the day being at home with my family and spending time with the One who loves me more than I can comprehend.

That’s about all I got for right now. I pray you have an opportunity to reflect on the blessings in your life on this Sunday! Have a wonderful day!

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