5 Easy Ways To Add Laughter To Your Day

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Encouragement

Have you laughed yet today? Do you and I welcome and add laughter into our days, or are we so serious that we don’t laugh much in life as of late? In this week’s episode of the Encouragement for Real Life podcast, episode 30, we discuss laughter and the importance of it in our lives. If you haven’t had an opportunity to listen to the 18-minute-long episode, you can do so by clicking here. I believe you’ll be encouraged! You might even learn a joke or two!

5 Easy Ways to Add Laughter to Your Day

“A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.”

Madeleine L’engle

It sure does, doesn’t it? And this world could use a lot of healing today, don’t you think? Maybe you and I could use a little healing as well today.

Maybe we could all benefit from a little laughter.

Because laughing is good for us. We’ve heard the benefits of laughter. It:

  • boosts the immune system
  • decreases stress
  • increases the feel good hormone, endorphins
  • burns calories
  • gets more oxygen into the bloodstream
  • lightens up our moods
  • connects people in relationship
  • is good for our organs
  • lessens pain and promotes healing
  • adds joy to life
  • feels good!

I say it’s time to add laughter into our days to be more healthy and happy!

But how? What if we’re not laughing kind of people? What if we can’t find anything funny to laugh at? Well, I believe we can learn to laugh. I believe if we set the intention to laugh every day, we will laugh more. And I believe the more we do it, the more we will find things to laugh at, and the more we will crave laughter.

Let’s be intentional and add laughter to our days.

Here are 5 easy ways to add laughter to your day:

1 – Begin the day with laughter.

Starting the day with a laugh sets the tone for the day. Listen to a fun podcast while you’re getting ready in the morning. Or grab one of your child’s joke book and read one joke each morning. Subscribe to a “joke of the day” email. Find a social media account that makes you laugh. Read the funnies in the morning newspaper. The options are endless!

2 – Laugh at yourself.

Could we be too serious and uptight? Are you and I so focused on being “perfect” that others may see us as overly sensitive and rigid? Transparency and vulnerability are the result of taking the pressure off and allowing ourselves to laugh at the silly things we do and say. We don’t have to be so serious all the time, do we? When we add some silliness to our days, we embrace imperfection and authenticity, and we become a whole lot more relatable. Because we each do something every day to laugh at. Right? This is a simple way to add laughter to our days (after all, we’re with ourselves throughout the day)!

3 – Find what makes you laugh and do more of it.

What makes you laugh? Is it hanging around someone in particular who is funny? Is it watching a funny sitcom or show? Or is it dinner with friends? Pay attention the next time you find yourself laughing and then do more of that thing.

Laughter is good exercise. It’s like jogging on the inside.

Kurt Vonnegut

4 – Make a family joke jar.

This one gets everyone involved in creating a way to add laughter every day as a family. Ask your family members to write down their favorite jokes (or find new ones online) on separate small slips of paper and put them in a jar. Each evening at dinner, take one out and read it to share laughter together. Family laughter is the best!

5 – Spend time with children.

Children naturally laugh. All day long. I mentioned this in the podcast this week regarding my grandson. He continually makes me laugh and lightens my mood. Find a way to connect with children to share laughter together. Not only will you laugh, but you’ll create a stronger relationship bond through laughter!

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

Victor Borge

How will you add laughter to your day today?

Care to share it below? I’d love to read it! Your idea may be the one that helps another add laughter into her today, too. There are numerous ways to add laughter into our days. Let’s get creative and have some fun!

I’m learning laughter is just as important as eating healthy or exercising. It truly does help us be more healthy. Let’s be about laughing more and spreading joy as we laugh everywhere we go!

Thanks for being here, friend. Have a great, laugh-filled day!

Much love,

5 Easy Ways to Add Laughter to Your Day
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