Our Week in Review May 20-26

by | May 27, 2013 | This Lefe Family

Our week in review:

School was cancelled for Zach on Monday due to a power outage that happened at the high school during a thunderstorm the night before. We didn’t expect that one, but what a pleasant surprise! All of us were home on Monday…together. (Until Ali and I went shopping for a couple of hours.)

Zach had his last choir concert of the school year on Tuesday. As always, he looked handsome and made his Momma proud.

 Zach & Grandma Peg
 Zach & his momma 🙂
With cousins Justin & Delaney

Wednesday was the second-round of post-season play for Zach’s soccer team. They lost the game…not because of lack of effort or heart. I won’t go into all the details, but all I’ll say is that we really deserved to win this game. Sad it see their great season come to an abrupt end. 🙁

Friday was Ali’s 19th birthday! How can she be 19 already?? She was shown lots of love by lots of people! We joined her and her friends for dinner at Gengis Grill, and it was fun to watch her have a ball with those closest to her. I found it special that three of her cousins came to the dinner. 🙂

 Ali having fun and pointing at me 🙂
 Birthday cake time!
Awww…brother and sister!

Bill and I went to the races afterwards to cheer on our friend Brian who races. It was his birthday too, and it was fun to watch him and celebrate with him and his family. He took 2nd place. We’ll be going back again to watch and cheer him on…had a great time!

Brian in the white car

And it has seemed to be rainy ever since.

We attended a birthday part of a good friend, Bruce, last evening. We went to church this morning. Ali went to work and Zach went to his girlfriend’s home. Bill and I have been “chilling out” all afternoon and have enjoyed the opportunity to relax!

It’s been a wonderful week, and we look forward to many more beautiful ones ahead this summer. I think we’ve gotten enough rain for awhile…2-1/2 inches yesterday and today combined. Bring on the sun! 🙂

Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow!

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