Hi! I’m Julie,

and I’m a fan of chai tea lattes.

Hi! I’m Julie,

and I’m a fan of chai tea lattes.

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a pretty simple gal, who finds joy in unrushed mornings, working from home in my jeans, and capturing breathtaking sunrises and sunsets on my camera. I live where some would call “in the middle of nowhere,” on a farm in Iowa, even though you won’t likely find me or my husband behind the wheel of a tractor. We love it out here in “God’s country.”

We’re in this life together.

And I’m so glad we are. I’m all about living a real and authentic life and being the person God designed each of us to be. Life isn’t always perfect, so when we learn to embrace all that life gives us–the good, the yuck, the challenges, and the joys–we are able to live life as the adventure it is…

  • Mornings of blow-ups and mess ups and tears at the breakfast table;
  • Feeling you have your life together, until you look in the mirror at work and realize you’re wearing two different earrings;
  • Living for the weekend, but realizing there’s five days in the week you’re missing out on;
  • And those things we don’t talk about–our struggles, our hang-ups, our failures–but in reality, talking about them might just help someone else in theirs.

You’ll find I publish here to encourage one or two days a week.

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What else you might want to know.

I love God and Jesus. I talk (and write) about my faith often as it’s my lifeline and my source of hope and strength. You’ll find I share much of my life and what God is teaching me. But, you won’t be made to feel guilty here. There’s enough stuff in the world that does that.

About me

I’m Bill’s wife of 28 years. Ours is a redeemed marriage of many ups and downs. But here we are, still standing for our marriage and loving each other as we journey through life hand-in-hand. You’ll find us often on our tandem bicycle enjoying adventures together. Our goal is to bike in each of the 50 states! (If our marriage can survive RAGBRAI six times, it can survive about anything!) We are “empty-nesters,” and as life is in transition, we look forward to growing old together.

I’m Mom to Alissa, Morgan (our son-in-law, a.k.a. our bonus son), and Zach, three of the most amazing adult humans around. A new title of Grandma was given to me in December as Alissa and Morgan brought into this world a beautiful baby boy, Nolan. He’s the light and joy to our family! And, Freddie! I can’t forget my granddog, Freddie! He’s the life of the party.

I’ve owned my own business through Mary Kay for 27 years, and yes, I even drove one of those pink Cadillacs! My background includes: being a certified fitness instructor, administrative work, serving the homeless and those in need at a local mission, banking and program management. Now, however, I write full-time, and am the Director of Communication for a local church.

About writing.

I had never considered myself a writer until someone a few years ago called me one. I kinda liked it.

I’ve been blogging since November 2007, simply to share my life in writing for my children. Still grieving the death of my best friend and mother, I would have done anything to have the details of her beautiful life documented. Blogging became my way to do that for my children.

Writing is my joy, my passion, and it energizes me!

About speaking.

I also find great joy and honor in sharing my life experiences behind a microphone, with all kinds of different audiences.

BYOB and B (Bring Your Own Bible and Beverage) is a quarterly event I began in December 2017. Held in the Cedar Rapids area, these events are designed to encourage women in the real lives we live. Come check out the next one.

I’d love to encourage your women’s group or church! Contact me if you or someone you know would be blessed by encouraging, life-filled words.

Thank you again for stopping by. I look forward to sharing life with you!


May God bless you, especially today.



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