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7 Bible Verses To Encourage Your Heart 7

Finding yourself a bit discouraged today? Has life, full of twists and turns, got your down? Is your path full of detours, and stops, and roadblocks? Are your circumstances beyond your control? Is what you see transpiring around the world causing you to feel unsettled and disheartened? Friend, I’m sorry you’re discouraged. May it help […]

12 Ways To Be Your Best Today 12

We wake up. We get ready for our day. We work. We study. We teach. We love. We nurture. We help. We embrace. We pray. We build relationships. We live. We eat, sleep, and do it all over again. We do much in a day, don’t we?? If you’re like me, you desire to be […]

When Panic Tries To Creep In 8

It hit me upside the head as I was applying my mascara this morning It’s a wonder I didn’t poke myself in the eye. I am going to be without a job in two weeks. Gulp. Oh, I already knew this fact, but the reality of it all sank in deep. Real deep. I’m not […]

“How Did I Get Here?” 18

I stood on the scale in disbelief. “What?? This number can’t be right. Seriously. How in the world did I get here?!” I hadn’t seen that large of a number on the scale in years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I decided a long time ago that weighing myself every day wasn’t such a good […]

Let Go Of The Guilt 10

It’s been a flurry of activity throughout the last month. Not necessarily on my blog, but most certainly in my life. Sometimes life takes over, and sometimes that’s okay. My friend, Betsy, wrote a powerful sentence not that long ago that has imprinted itself in this head of mine. “Living life is more important than […]

Hope For The Discouraged 4

It was one of those days. By midday, I recognized I was stepping foot onto a path I didn’t belong. A path of discouragement. I’m not sure if it was because of the reality of what was happening around me, or how my thoughts were magnifying it all into monster-sized proportions. Either way, I knew […]

When You’re Tired Of Not Belonging 16

It was another indication of “you don’t belong here.” It was an all too familiar message. I was tired of not belonging. I was tired of not measuring up. I was tired of being left out. My heart was hurt, and heavy, and hopeless. Ever been there? Not being chosen to be a part of […]