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When The Way You Parent Isn’t Popular 5

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6 I can’t begin to count the times over the years I questioned our parenting skills as we raised our two children. Were my husband and I raising our children the “right” way? Were we being too […]

When Our Mess-Ups Are Good 6

If there was one thing, or situation, or moment from your past you could do over, what would it be? Friend, I have so many. Too many to name here. But a few of mine are… Making a better choice at a party in high school. Not saying the words, “I hate you” to my […]

When Mother’s Day Is Difficult 4

Listening to my favorite radio station as I ran errands yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t believe what the announcer voiced over the airways. “Mother’s Day is a terrible holiday.” What??!! I listened as he shared how Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for many. I agreed, as I am one who struggles each year on […]

Yep, I’m That Mom 12

I’m that mom. You know her. The one who is the strictest, the meanest, the one who doesn’t allow disrespect from her children. I believe it’s hereditary, because my mom was the same way. I vividly remember yelling at her, “I hate you!!,” when I was sixteen. I eventually apologized to her, but I’ve never […]

Five Weeks!!! 8

Making a list and checking it twice doesn’t just happen at Christmastime. Ask any mom of a soon-to-be high school graduate, and she’ll tell you she’s doing just that. And much, much more. Five weeks from today our youngest will walk across that commencement stage and receive his high school diploma. That reality about sends […]

What I Learned This Week – March 14 6

Another week has passed us by. As I look back over it, I am thankful. Thankful for God’s presence in my life, thankful for my friends and family, and thankful for the opportunity to share this life together. I also learned a few things along the way this week. How about you? What did you […]

Mom, Dad Keep Doing What You’re Doing 16

Parenting is hard work. There were times when I questioned if all I was doing was worth it. The fruits of my labor were absent. I was tired. Worn out. Weary in my parenting. Was anything I modeled and taught sinking in? Let alone, so often I felt like I was failing as a parent. […]