Fellow Mom, You Are Making A Powerful Impact

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Fellow mom, I don’t need to tell you how hard parenting can be some days. You already know that. But, what I do need to tell you today is this truth: you are making a powerful impact.

It may not seem like it nor feel like it today, but you are. Because no one can be a mom to your children like you. No one can teach your children, model for your children, encourage your children, bless and pray for your children like you. No one is more equipped than you. Nope, no one. God has given you gifts that only you have in your parenting, and He continues to equip you in this calling as a mom. You are doing great, fellow mom. Be encouraged!

Fellow mom, you are making a powerful impact!

Fellow Mom, You are Making a Powerful Impact

Looking back, I recall the infant days a blur. The days were long and the years were short in the toddler seasons. Elementary school years were full, and the middle school years were even more so. The high school years were challenging at times, yet those years were full of enjoyment, watching our children blossom and become almost-young adults. All of those years, however, flew by me incredibly fast. I tried to cherish each age, each stage, each moment. But as hard as I tried, they still sped by.

I’m on the “other side” of those years today, but I still recall my thoughts of unintentionally messing up my kids through my not-perfect parenting. Ever think that, too? How I wasn’t doing enough or being enough or having enough for them. How I compared my parenting to other moms, and in my mind, I always I fell short. Always. Some mom was always doing it better than me, was more organized than me, had things together more than me. Or so it seemed.

I’m thankful my job allowed me to be home with our kids, as I worked full-time as a work-from-home mom. Even though we weren’t always on the same page, I’m grateful my husband and I parented together. And the thing is, God equipped us in each stage. He would remind me every now and then to keep my eyes on Him. He would help me be the mom I needed to be for our kids. And, He still does.

He’s equipping you in the same manner.

Then our kids landed on their feet in adulthood.

So, now our kids are adults, and frankly, I think they are amazing. Our daughter works in banking and is the wife to our bonus son. They are expecting their first child in December. (I can hardly contain my excitement!!!) Our son owns his own photography business and lives on his own with a few buddies. I love being the mom of adults! (I think it’s my favorite parenting stage!)

Recently our son was featured on a podcast. As I listened to the hour-long highlight of him and his talents, the memories came rushing back. Memories of when it would have been easier to relax our parenting standards and let the kids do what they wanted. Memories of temper tantrums and blow ups and disagreements with our kids. And memories of when we stood for parenting our kids according to God’s standards instead of the world’s… even when that was unpopular with our kids and their friends.

The way we parented was worth it. I can see it now, but maybe couldn’t back then. Even though it was not easy. Even though the years flew by. Yes, even though I felt as if I was not making an impact as a mom at all. And even when I wanted to give up and give in. It was all worth it (and still is). Because when you hear your grown child say in his own words how much his childhood meant to him and how grateful he is for his upbringing, you realize you did make an impact. You realize all that effort helped your young child grow into a mature adult.

Be encouraged, fellow mom.

Keep doing the hard thing. Continue to parent in the ways God has called you. Keep your eyes on Him. Don’t give in and don’t give up. Rejoice in the good days, and relax in the hard days. Yes, you are making an impact in the lives of your children. It matters, fellow mom. One day at a time. One moment at a time. And one day you might hear your adult child on a podcast say in his own words what an impact you made.

God bless you, fellow mom. I’m cheering you on and sending you my love.

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