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It’s A Good Day To Enjoy The Ride 4

My husband and I have been bicycling fools. It’s true. With over 550 bicycle miles in so far this season, we’ve spent many an evening and weekend on our cobalt blue bicycle built for two training for our annual ride on RAGBRAI. This week-long ride across the state of Iowa happens every July, and we’re […]

What Do You Do If The Whisper Tells You To Quit? 6

It was a subtle whisper, and it left as quickly as it came. “You might as well quit. You’re not making a difference for Jesus. You’re not making a difference at all.” And, for a moment, I believed it. A fleeting thought followed, “Yeah, maybe I should quit.” Ever been there? Ever had similar whispers […]

What Will We Do With These 98 Days? #98daysofsummer 6

Ahhh, summer. It’s my favorite. There’s just something about the season that rejuvenates me. Sure, there’s an aspect I enjoy about each season, but summer puts a lift in my step and it lightens my heart. Summer puts a lift in my step and it lightens my heart. #98daysofsummer Click To Tweet Yes, the calendar […]

When It’s Time To Forget What Others Think 6

I made the mistake of updating my Facebook profile over the weekend. It had been a few months since I did so. And as I did, reality on the screen stared back at me. Yes, I currently have four jobs. FOUR!! No, this didn’t surprise me, as I’m well aware of all four, but this was […]

When You’re On The Road Of Walking It Out 2

Part of my day yesterday was spent with women I adore. God has intertwined my life with theirs in the most special way through our weekly BSF class. We gathered yesterday to honor and celebrate one of us who will be married next month. These women are pretty incredible, and how they love the Lord […]

Has Rejection Left You Feeling Unworthy? 3

God is on the move again. And, in ways I never could have expected. He’s showing me He still has a plan for my life, and it is good. Eighteen months ago, however, I found myself in a different place. I found myself feeling unworthy, unaccepted, and unwanted. Rejection after rejection left me feeling like […]

Believing The Greatest Years Of Life Are Ahead 11

Recently I had a conversation with a friend whose family member had just passed away at the age of 81. After sharing my sympathy for my friend’s loss, a realization smacked me right between the eyes. Eighty one is only 32 years away. Gulp. It’s no secret I’ll be 49 years old this year. I’m […]