Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6

I can’t begin to count the times over the years I questioned our parenting skills as we raised our two children. Were my husband and I raising our children the “right” way? Were we being too strict? Too lenient? Why does our parenting look different than others’?

Oh, how I wished parenting came with an owner’s manual!

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already realized our personal beliefs, values, and morals are often shown through our lives, and especially through our parenting. They tend to shape our decisions, our actions, how we discipline, what we teach our children, etc.

It didn’t take long for my husband and I to see our beliefs, values, and morals were in contrast with other parents around us. How we were raising our kids looked noticably different than how they were raising theirs.

Like when my daughter’s friends were all going to a boy/girl party in fifth grade, and we didn’t permit our daughter to go.

Like how we didn’t (still don’t) allow horror movies to be shown in our home, but other parents allowed them in theirs.

And like how we made attending church and Bible study a priority in our family, and yet, those weren’t important in the lives of many of other families.

We all believe the way we parent is the best. I guess I’m no different. But still, I questioned if we were doing it “right.”

Other parents, along with our kids, didn’t agree with some of our parenting choices. We were at times the most unpopular parents around.

But we had to be okay with that. We needed to let go of others’ expectations.

Many didn’t understand our parenting was immersed in prayer. Many didn’t grasp how those unpopular decisions were guided by God and His Word. And many didn’t know how we took our roles as parents seriously. God entrusted us to be our children’s parents, and how we raised them mattered.

We are accountable to God for how we raise our children.

We are accountable to God for how we raise the children He blessed us with.

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a real blessing. Psalm 127:3 GNT

Parenting is tough work, no doubt. And just because ours looked different than others’, doesn’t mean ours was best. We simply kept our eyes on the One Who was leading us.

Yes, we messed up. Yes, there were times I wanted a “do-over.” Yes, I still don’t have this parent thing mastered, even after our children are grown.

We continue to pray and ask for God’s guidance.

Mom, Dad, are you questioning your parenting today? Does everyone else seem to parent their children differently than you?

If I may encourage you, when you seek God in the ways you are raising your children, He’s already guiding you. Take confidence in Him to lead you. Even if the way you parent is unpopular. Even if it’s different than how everyone else is doing it.

As you parent, stay strong in the lord, stay strong in your parentingStay strong in the Lord. Stay strong your parenting.

Some day your kids will thank you for how you raised them. (Yes, they will, believe it or not!)

And what’s most important is you’re doing what God is calling you to do…. raising them according to His standards and His truths.

Keep going, Mom and Dad.

Being an unpopular parent is quite okay.

Praying for you today!




P.S. Stay tuned! We’ll be discussing parenting again later this week!


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