Listening to my favorite radio station as I ran errands yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t believe what the announcer voiced over the airways.

“Mother’s Day is a terrible holiday.”


I listened as he shared how Mother’s Day can be a difficult day for many. I agreed, as I am one who struggles each year on Mother’s Day.

But to say it’s a “terrible holiday?”

I understood what he was trying to convey, but just because it can be a difficult day, doesn’t make it terrible. If he would have been sitting next to me, I would have corrected him. Sure, I could have called the station and voiced my opinion, but I didn’t think that was my place.

I let it go, but I certainly haven’t forgotten it.

There might just be millions of reasons why Mother’s Day can be difficult.

Mine is because my beautifully incredible mother is no longer with me. She passed away in 2006. I miss her presence in my life, especially on Mother’s Day.

Mom and kids0002

(Yep, I’m the little blonde happy girl in this photo, with Mom and my three brothers.)

Some of us didn’t have a storybook-type of childhood, and our mother-child relationship wasn’t a healthy one.

Some of us don’t have a positive relationship with our moms as adults.

Some of us have lost a child for one reason or another.

Some of us are struggling in our relationship with our child/children, and some may be experiencing a separation from him/her.

There are some who desire to have a child, but that door hasn’t been opened yet.

Whatever the reason, if Mother’s Day is difficult for you, friend, you’re in good company.

You are not alone.

A handful of years ago I decided I had two choices on Mother’s Day. I could either allow the sadness and sorrow to fill my day, or I could choose to be thankful for the blessings in my life and allow joy to fill the moments.

Even though it wasn’t always the easiest, I chose the latter. I decided I would rejoice in the beautiful memories of my mother, and praise God for each one.

I’m not trying to belittle your pain, your sorrow, your hurt, my friend. Please read my heart here. But I pray today you’ll choose the latter, too. I pray God blesses your Mother’s Day with love, with comfort, with His presence. I pray He fills your heart and your day with joy and peace that surpasses all understanding.

I pray the blessings outweigh the brokenness.

If Mother's Day is difficult

If Mother’s Day is difficult, it can still be a good day.

God is with you, my friend. He is with you. That truth alone makes it a very good day.

God bless you,


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