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by | Jan 17, 2012 | Encouragement, God's blessings, Inspiration

On Friday I did something I had never done before.  I’m sharing this, not because I want to “toot my own horn,” but to share my experience and how I felt in it.

I ran an errand for the Mission on Friday, and since I was near Starbucks, I decided to grab myself and Kimmie coffees.  After I ordered in the drive thru, and pulled up closer to the window of Starbucks, I had the thought, “I should pay for the person’s order behind me.”  I had a few minutes to sit on that thought, and it became stronger and stronger.  I knew I had to do this, and I suddenly became excited about it.  I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a lady who looked younger than me in a SUV-type of vehicle. 

When I got to the window, I paid for my order, and said to the girl at the window, “This may sound strange, but I’d like to pay for the person’s order behind me too.”  She smiled and said, “That’s not strange at all…we get that often.” I paid, took our coffees, and drove off.

It felt so good to bless someone else without expecting anything in return, and to do it anonymously!  It truly made my day!  I hope it surprised and blessed the lady behind me, and who knows what God did with that simple act?!  I think I’ll do it again very soon, and maybe try doing that in a different way and situation next time! 🙂

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