Home From Sarasota

Just a few hours ago I was in sunny Sarasota. It was 75 degrees when we left there this afternoon. It’s 36 degrees here.It was beautiful and sunny there. It’s raining now and should be snowing here soon.I was spoiled there by Barb and her beautiful...

Drive-Thru Blessing

After I ran an errand for the Mission on my way there this morning, I thought I would swing by Starbucks and grab me a latte.As I was pulling around to get in line to order, the thought came to me that if someone ended up being behind me in line, I would pay for their...

Three Special People

I had an experience yesterday that blessed me.It was my second thyroid biopsy in two years. The first one seemed to not be a big deal. I remember the room being dark and small. This time around, however, I was in a surgical-looking room with three nurses, a doctor,...

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