"What You Own Isn’t Who You Are"

by | Jun 10, 2013 | Encouragement, Inspiration

On June 2, Rick Warren posted on Twitter something that I’ve been wanting to put into words for some time now. He said it better than I could have…

“Your valuables don’t determine your value; Your net-worth doesn’t decide your self worth; What you own isn’t who you are.”

What a timely truth for today. So many in this world are striving for more, for bigger, for better and are wrapping themselves up in things. Money is a driving force these days.

I’m glad my valuables, my net-worth and what I own does not determine my value, my self worth, nor who I am. It would be a pretty empty life if that’s all my life was.

But there was a time when I thought that way and I lived that way. And it was an empty life. I’ve written many a post on my blog about it, as over the years I am reminded of how I used to live. I’m thankful God got my attention, shook me up and turned me around. I will forever be grateful for that!

In past years during the month of June, I would be striving to reach the (fiscal) year-end goal I set for myself and I would be so stressed out the month of June. I look back now and think how unfair that was to the people around me, especially to my family. God taught me that there is no reason to be stressed like that, and there’s no purpose in living an entire month out of the year that way. And now I don’t.

I am who God says I am. I have nothing to prove any longer. And I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Our house isn’t the fanciest on the block (actually, my brother’s is though…and it’s pretty awesome!), we don’t have the latest tech gadgets, we don’t have the biggest t.v. or the nicest kitchen appliances, and I don’t have the prettiest clothes in my closet. We don’t have gobs of money sitting in the bank. But what we do have is a home filled with peace, joy and much love. The things we do own, we consider gifts from God…as He has provided everything we need.

I look at my friends at Mission of Hope. Many only own what they have on them, and what they carry in a backpack. They certainly are much more than what they own. And the cool thing is…God loves them, just as much as He loves me. 🙂 Their self worth is great.

And I’m certainly not putting down anyone who has the best of things. I pray that those things aren’t allowed to determine who anyone is in anyone’s mind…like I used to. God wants more for His people. What a gift! 🙂

Thank you, Rick Warren, for your timely reminder in my life.

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