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by | Apr 20, 2010 | God, God's blessings

My day started off a little rough today…I wasn’t feeling physically well.  I figured it had to do with my heart…I was shaky, winded, light-headed at times and felt exhausted.  But I knew I needed to get to my BSF meeting, so I forced myself to “push through it” and get there barely on time.
From that time on, even though I didn’t feel that great, and I still don’t feel 100%, I experienced some wonderful blessings:
  • I prayed for God to calm my heart, and He did.
  • I was able to be with some of the most encouraging and uplifting women I know for two hours this morning.
  • I came home afterwards and was able to rest for a short period of time.
  • I fixed myself a very yummy salad for lunch.
  • My friend Patty came over for about an hour for coffee.  What a gift! We sat at my dining room table and talked.  How refreshing that time with her was!
  • My doctor wanted me to get a chest x-ray today, so as I was walking down the hallway of the hospital to the x-ray department, I ran into my uncle who had a stroke last month. He gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever received from him.  He looked pretty well.  He made sure he had my phone number…he said he wanted to get in touch with me.  I hope he does.
  • They got me in and out of the x-ray room quickly, and the technician was so sweet.
  • I ran into a family friend on the way out of the hospital…I hardly recognized him! He has lost weight and looks very healthy. He once had cancer, and has been a cancer survivor for almost as long as I’ve known him.
  • I made it to Zach’s soccer game after school, just a few minutes late.  He again played well.
  • Zach and I had dinner at home together, as Ali had a golf meet and Bill was catching up on his sleep from working last night.
  • Our family began planting corn in the field that surrounds our home.  I am in awe with how big that planter is each time I see it! I love watching our family members farm!
  • Ali made it to and from school safely.
  • I’m going to curl up in the recliner and read my book for the next few minutes, then go to bed early.
God blessed me in so many ways today!  Most of them were little…but they were blessings.  I have a lot to be thankful for today!  I’m sure you do too if you stop for a minute tonight and reflect on how God blessed you today too! 🙂
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