Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

by | Apr 23, 2010 | friends, just for fun, pictures

We’ve probably all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousands words.”  I would have to agree…a frame of time is captured in a picture, which can hold lots of memories and emotions.  I love taking pictures!
My friend Patty scanned and send me some pictures of us long ago.  I can’t say enough how much these pictures mean to me.  It seems that I don’t have many pictures of me during my preteen and teenage years, and especially ones that have me and my friends together.  What a gift these are!  I thought I’d share them in a post this morning. 
January 1980
Shelly, Chris, Patty (with cake) me and Sheila
May 1980
I can’t remember what this was, but we must be dressed up for a sock hop or something!
Shelly, Patty, Chris, Amy and me
(I can remember the sweater I was wearing was my mom’s from back in “her day.”)
June 1980
Chris (Patty’s sister), Patty, me and I think Gina
Must be taken at Patty’s house
December 1980
All of us playing our instruments
Me, Chris, Shelly, Patty & Sheila
September 1982
In our marching band uniforms…look at those hats!
I believe it’s Lori, Sheila, me and Patty
December 1984
We must be helping with their Christmas tree?
Me, Chris (Patty’s sister), Tina and Patty
January 1985
At Patty’s aunt & uncle’s home
Me, Karen, Sheila, Amy and Patty
Patty took the time to get these to me, and I’m so thankful.  She’s had so much going on in her life, but yet through that, blessed me with these pictures!  I will cherish these as long as I live!  We shared so many memories together growing up, and I’m looking forward to making more as we are still “growing up” together.  
These pictures remind me how very important it is to continue to take pictures as my children grow up, and as our lives travel down the journey of life.  A picture IS worth a thousand words! 🙂 
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