The Mary Miracle Part 4

by | Dec 19, 2008 | Encouragement

Mary couldn’t understand how in the world she would give birth to a baby since she was a virgin. Luke 1:34 – “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” The angel explained that it would happen through the Holy Spirit. Mary was trying to figure it out on her own…keep in mind, she was only about fifteen years old. Even an adult would have a hard time trying to figure this out!

Here are my thoughts on this…We need to quit trying to figure out how everything is going to be done! We cannot figure God out, or help Him along in ANYTHING! I enjoyed what I read from Jack Hayford on this subject…

“I invite you away from your mental rationalizations, away from that limiting reasoning that brings you into the corner of death. There you are in the darkness of your barren womb with nothing happening, reasoning, ‘How can we get something going, God?’ The Lord invites you away from your mind.”

He’s not saying here to reject our intellect…”But you must bring those intellectual resources under the control of the Spirit and the Word of God. Rather than the mind dictating, ‘Well, God, You’re going to have to work it out this way, or I can’t see how this is going to see how this is going to happen,’ a humbling comes.

“We need to rest, cease our mental wrestling, and be released. As long as the mind is worshipped above the Word of God, there can only be struggling, reasoning, and rationalizing. You will weary and sweat yourself into the same dead-end street where you’ve been a thousand times before.”

If we would just say something like, “Lord, I trust you. I don’t see how, but I’m not going to fret about this situation anymore. I lift my thoughts and struggles of my mind to you.” Then, God can really work how and what He wants to which will be the best for us!

Mary said something like that in verse 38…”I am the Lord’s servant. May it be to me as you have said.” THEN, the miracle began to happen inside of her.

May God bless YOU today!
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