The Mary Miracle Part 3

by | Dec 18, 2008 | Encouragement

What if an angel of God came and met you face-to-face and had a conversation with you? What if he told you something so unbelievable…something you couldn’t wrap your mind around…something that you couldn’t possibly understand how it could happen? That’s what Mary experienced as the angel, Gabriel, came and spoke to her of how she would become pregnant with the Son of the Most High whose kingdom would never end!

The angel said Mary was “highly favored” and that the Lord was with her. Mary was troubled by his words and wondered what kind of greeting this was. The angel told her not to be afraid and that she had favor with God!

Jack Hayford says that the verb translated “highly favored” is used only two times in the New Testament of the Bible…in this passage regarding Mary and in Ephesians 1:6 which says, “You are accepted and beloved.” Mary wasn’t the only one favored by God…you are too. Jack Hayford writes, “The same thing that was said of Mary is also said of us. And that brings with it the same possibilities and the same miracle presence, because the same degree of favor is present. You and I are highly favored!”

There are days I’m not feeling “highly favored.” Ever have them? Yesterday was one of those days for me. I struggled all day it seemed…with my attitude, with my mind, with everything I touched (or at least it seemed that way). I sure wish I could have been reminded that I am highly favored with God during my day! But…I also want to keep in mind that I’m no more favored than anyone else too. I don’t want to go in the extreme other direction with this either!

Resting on the truth that we are highly favored with God, because of His Son, should calm us, encourage us and lift us up. I hope this did that for you today!

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