Someone in Your Life Needs You

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Encouragement

create many ripples

There is someone in your life who needs you today.

He or she needs what only you can offer.

A word of encouragement.
A smile.
A home-cooked meal.
A babysitter.
A shoulder to cry on.
A prayer.

If you’re anything like me, oftentimes I can be consumed with the flurry of my own life, I forget to lift my eyes and look at those around me who might need something only I can give.

Or it’s possible those around us aren’t letting us know they need us. After all, asking for help is weakness, right?

You and I both know that’s not true, but that’s what society tells us.

If we pay attention, we’ll see the clues…

What mom is stressed out?
What single mom could use some time for herself?
What dad is on the road or working tons of hours and can’t quite get to that leaky faucet?
What friend seems quiet?
What person you meet on the street seems downcast?
What elderly neighbor could be lonely?
Who could use a cup of coffee, or a word of encouragement?

There are so many opportunities to invest in someone’s life today.

I challenge us!

Lift our eyes off of ourselves and look around us. Who do we see? Who has a need? Who is going through some stuff in life? Who could use a blessing?

Find just one. Just one you could make a difference in his or her life today. Just one who needs what you have to offer. Just one to bless.

The cool thing is, not only will you and I be filling a need, we’ll also be making a difference in that person’s life. Most likely, a ripple effect will begin which will extend into the lives of those who are touched by the person you bless…her children, her husband, his wife, their neighbors, etc!

What we choose to do could potentially touch many people just by helping one.

And an undeniable truth: You’ll be the one to receive the greatest blessing in doing so!

(If you decide to take on this challenge, share below any details of how you responded to someone’s need and any results you might have seen.)

A tangible way of loving God and loving others!


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  1. Sabra Penley

    Such great encouragement, Julie. I love the quote from Mother Teresa. (I’ll have to add it to my quotes file.) So often I am overwhelmed by the knowledge that there are so many hurting, so many needing help. But God calls us to help one person at a time. How simple. How completely doable.

    This past week a friend of mine has been struggling with a husband in ICU, barely hanging on to life. The Lord laid it on my heart to send her a daily email with encouragement from His Word and notes from my journal of when I was going through the same kind of thing. She has expressed how much it has helped her keep the right focus and get through each day. I am in awe of how God works in and through our lives to help one another. It is indeed a blessing!

    • Julie

      Wow, Sabra, what a wonderful gift you are giving your friend, and how specifically God is using you and your experience to encourage her. What a great example of how God uses all of what we go through for His good! What a great friend you are! Thank you for sharing today. Have a blessed week! ((Hugs))

  2. Betsy

    Sometimes Julie, I find it easier to reach out to others with encouragement than to those in my own family, you know what I mean? My daughter seems to be having a hard day today, so I’m going to write a little card to her and leave it at her plate at dinner.

    • Julie

      Yes, I know exactly what you mean, Betsy. I love that idea! I imagine she’ll be blessed by your card. I think I’ll do that for my son tonight and put it on his pillow. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!

  3. Katie Reid

    Julie! Thrilled to have you link-up for #inspireandgrow Thank you for this wonderful post- I needed this message:)

    • Julie

      Thank YOU, Katie for hosting #inspireandgrow! I needed the message too. God seems to do that often with me. Have a blessed week!


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