trust in the Lord editedWe called it “The Whee Road.” Dad would speed up just before the hill. When we’d crest over the top, my little body would lift off the back seat, and my brothers and I would squeal, “Whee!” As the car descended on the other side, my stomach would do somersaults, and I’d land back down on the seat.

Gosh that was fun. Dad made the trip down that road an adventure. It seems like three days ago. But it was more like forty years ago.

Life is a little like that hilly road. Full of ups and downs. We’ve all experienced life at the bottom, the top, climbing and descending. And I would venture to guess we’ve had our fair share of stomach somersaults through life as well.

One day we love our job. The next day, we’re without one.

One day we’re healthy and whole. The next, we hear words from our doctor we never wanted to.

One day we are excited about a situation. The next, we wonder why we got our hopes up.

One day we think we have it all figured out. The next, we realize how wrong we were.

So, how do we travel down this hilly road called life safely?

My answer is what I’ve learned through my Bible studies:

Trusting God.

It makes all the difference.

  • Trusting God gives me hope, even when it looks like there is none.
  • Trusting God gives me courage, even when I’m fearful.
  • Trusting God gives me security, even when the bottom falls out.
  • Trusting God gives me peace, even when there’s chaos all around.

That little girl completely trusted her daddy behind the wheel back then. And now I wonder, why does that same girl, as an adult, have a difficult time trusting her Heavenly Daddy some days?

I can be trusting Him fully one minute, then when I think about things too long, I can worry the next. Or I might be good at trusting God with one thing, but worrisome with another.

I don’t know what you’re going through today, but chances are you’ve got something. It might be the biggest thing you’ve ever faced. Or it might just be a bump in the road.

God sees and He knows. He doesn’t want or expect you to go on this road alone. His desire is to be invited to be your Daddy behind the wheel.

But He won’t force Himself there.

My prayer for us today is that you and I both move to the back seat, and let our Daddy do the driving. When we do, we’ll be protected, cared for, and guided on this road of life.

And I imagine we’ll experience those moments when He’ll speed up as we come up over the hill and our stomach will flip in a somersault.

We can trust He’ll bring us to the other side safely.

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