I recently overheard a woman talk about her “too skinny legs,” and how skinny jeans look strange on her. I stopped listening when I heard her say, “at least I look better than those who shouldn’t wear them.”

Wait. What?? Who shouldn’t wear them??

This woman didn’t know me, she probably didn’t know I was listening, and she certainly didn’t know I have four pairs of skinny jeans in my closet. I like wearing them, yet I questioned myself, “Am I one that shouldn’t? A mid-40’s mom of two almost-grown kids? A wife who’s been married for 22 years? Who’s not a size 2?”

My legs will never be as skinny as that girl’s. Never. I can work out ’till the cows come home, and they’ll never get there. God made us different, and maybe for the first time in my life, I’m okay with that.

These legs pedaled 320 miles in five days with my husband on the back of a tandem bicycle across the state of Iowa this summer. These legs allow me to walk, jog, work out with weights. They carry this body of mine to where it needs to go. They allow me to stand at work, sit at my laptop, kneel to pray, and goodness, so much more.

For as long as I remember, I’ve disliked my legs, but putting it all in perspective, I am thankful God gave me the ones He did.

It sounded as if this girl wasn’t happy with her legs either. They were “too skinny.” (I insert eye-roll here.) You might have something about your body that you don’t particularly care for as well. It would be the first thing you’d change if you could. It’s also the first thing you notice about other women. And unfortunately, the first thing you tear yourself up about.

Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

What if, instead of seeing the negative in that part that you dislike, you began to see the gift that it is? Notice all the things you can do because of it. Imagine your life without it.

How different my life would be if my legs didn’t work well, or I didn’t have any at all. Some people, deal with that daily. Shame on me for wishing I had different ones. How must that make God feel?? At times I must seem pretty unappreciative to Him!

Beautiful creations

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, God made us each beautifully different. It’s time to see ourselves as the unique and beautiful creations we are!

May today be a turning point in our thinking. May we be thankful for the bodies God gave us!

(Every part of them!)

I still don’t have the answer about wearing skinny jeans, and “who shouldn’t,” but as I’ll be wearing mine this fall, I’ll also be thanking God for the legs He gave me!

Song of Songs 4:7 You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way.

You are beautiful, my friend!


It’s Woman to Woman Wednesday #W2W, where we encourage each other in our journeys in life and with our Creator. We can celebrate who He made us to be today! I am celebrating you! Would you share your thoughts below and encourage another on her path? We’re in this together, friend. No doubt about it!

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