Seeing God This Week

by | Sep 19, 2010 | family, God, God's blessings, summer

Earlier this week I shared pictures of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets I’ve had the privilege to soak in this week.  God shows Himself through His creation…and I’ve paid attention to that throughout my week this week. 

Despite the fact it was an emotionally challenging week for me, I continued to focus on God.  Seeing these sights helped me do that.

Our family harvested the field behind our home Thursday and Friday.  I always enjoy this…we now have our full view to the north back! 🙂  God provided a bountiful crop this year!
Zach spotted this frog on one of our deck chairs Thursday evening.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frog in person like this!
I’ve always like catepillars, and I’m reminded of how Ali used to pronounce them “calipittars.”  God even created them…we found a bunch of them on a plant this week.
I have enjoyed my flowers this summer and have spent much time outside soaking in their beautiful colors.  God is so creative! 🙂
One of my flower pots full of vincas.
More of God’s beautiful creation from my flower garden!
Some of these were from my mom’s flower garden…she was an amazing gardener!
Another beautiful sunrise!
Ali asked me this week, “Are you obsessed with sunrises or something?”  Right now I’m just soaking in the beautiful things around me that God has created for me to enjoy.  Just because we are busy and our schedules are full, doesn’t mean we should be too busy to notice the work of His hands.  I think that’s when we need to pay even more attention!
Thank you, God, for encouraging me in this way this week!   
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