When It’s Time To Remove The Label

by | May 25, 2018 | Encouragement

That name someone called you years ago?

That label someone attached to you when you were younger?

Those words spoken about you way back when?

Many of us can still recall them today. Many of us find those words are buried somewhere in our minds and it doesn’t take much to resurrect them. Some of us have lived under those labels for years. Some of us have allowed them to define us. And, some of us have carried the weight of a name with us for years without consciously recognizing it.

Why is it we remember those words, labels, and names that were the most negative, hurtful, and discouraging?

In middle school I was told I acted more like a boy than a girl.

In high school someone said I had big thighs.

A boy broke up with me because he said he found a girl who was prettier.

I was “too tall,” too much of “a jock,” “too wild,” and “too self-centered.”

I remember each label, each name, each word used to describe me.

Even though they were spoken years ago.

Friend, how about you? What name or label or words do you remember? What was spoken about you long ago that still presents itself in your mind today?

When it's time to remove the label

You know? Those words are not us. They aren’t truth. That label has nothing on us. Think about this for a moment. Would God, our Creator, label us as such? Would He call us these names?

No. God calls us His children. We’re chosen, dearly loved, redeemed, forgiven, cherished, wonderfully made, and worthy. He labels us as set apart, beautiful, blessed, victorious, set free, and citizens of heaven.

Wow. Take a moment and let these words sink in. Allow them to fill you up, to touch you, and to lift your spirits today. You and I are so much more. We are more than who others say we are.

We are who God says we are.

Friend, let’s begin to remove that negative label or word and replace it with a new one from the list above. Choose one today and let it wash over you. Let’s begin to live under a different identity. Let’s attach ourselves to a different kind of label. One that’s full of truth and promise.

You are amazing, my friend. Thanks for doing life with me here.

Much love,




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