Life is an Adventure

by | Oct 29, 2013 | just for fun, me, schedule

I find my life to be an adventure.

And I guess I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Maybe you join me in this thought. Or maybe you don’t. 🙂

This morning I woke up fully expecting to see the annoying twitch that’s been happening under my left eye since last Tuesday gone. It wasn’t. It was still there. I can’t always tell that it’s twitching, but I don’t believe it’s stopped since it started almost a week ago.

I’ve forced drinking more water in case I was dehydrated. I’m trying get more sleep in case I’m fatigued. I’ve taken ibuprofen, as someone has suggested. I’m continuing to take my vitamins. I treated myself to a massage from Candace today, and she didn’t find anything “out of place.” The twitch is still there. Frustrating, but I’m figuring it’s just part of this adventure.

My massage was much needed. I haven’t had one for probably six months. It was completely relaxing, and I realized some muscles were tighter than I thought they were. This is something I need to do more often for myself. It’s just another part of being healthy.

As we watch the World Series Game 5 tonight from our home, I’m cheering on our Cards! Matt Holliday just hit a homerun! Tied 1-1. I’m sure this isn’t helping my twitch any. If “we” win tonight, I’ll be wearing one of my Cardinals shirts to the Mission tomorrow. 🙂

As we watch, I’m smelling pumpkin bread as it cools just coming out of the oven. I tried a new recipe tonight. If it turns out, I’ll post it here this week.

On another subject…another part of this journey…I’m in the last seven days of my 90 Day Transformation. I haven’t walked through this perfectly, but I’m healthier today than I was 84 days ago. Was up running this morning on the treadmill early. Tomorrow I plan to be up early and doing my lower body workout. We’ll take the rest of the week a day at a time.

Time to get back to the game. I hope this Cardinals’ fan is one happy girl tomorrow!

And may this twitch be gone! 🙂

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