Goodbye Heart Monitor!

by | Apr 23, 2010 | health, me

Thirty days have come and gone.  I’ve worn a heart monitor for these last 30 days, and today I send the heart monitor back.  If I can be honest, I am very tired of wearing it.  I know it has been helpful to figure out what’s going on with my heart, but I am not going to miss wearing it.  I won’t miss the wires, the electrodes, the irritated skin where the electrodes were stuck to.  I won’t miss having to wear something that would hide the bulge that was clipped to either my belt or waistband.  I won’t miss having to sleep on a certain side at night.  I won’t miss not having to work around it when using the bathroom. 🙂  I won’t miss exercising with it on.  And I won’t miss the feeling of being “monitored.”

But what I will miss is the security of knowing if my heart feels like it’s beating weird, I won’t have anything on me anymore that can record it to show what’s going on.  It’s almost been like a “security blanket” for me. I’ve felt safe with it on.

The recordings I’ve sent in have shown a fast heartbeat at times, but that’s about it, according to my doctor.  As of the other day, we were still waiting for results to be sent to my doctor on the last recordings I sent in.  I’m hoping I hear something from her today regarding them.

My blood tests on Tuesday came back with good results.  Nothing abnormal!  I’m so very thankful!  But confused as to why I have felt the way I have this last month.  I guess we’ll see what I hear from my doctor, hopefully today.

So, so long, heart monitor.  It’s been quite a full 30 days!  Time has flown, even if wearing it wasn’t that fun! 🙂

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