The Orange Box

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Christmas, just for fun

I pulled up next to our mailbox this afternoon after work, pulled down the mailbox door, and was very excited to see a big orange box inside. I knew it could only be one thing…

Our family’s Christmas cards from Shutterfly.

As soon as I got inside our home, I couldn’t wait to open the box.

I had spent some downtime in the last month finding just the “perfect” card for us this year. I searched Mixbook and Shutterfly. I’m very loyal to Shutterfly, especially since I’ve created a photo book of our family for each season of the year for the last eight years. (Yes, we have 34 photo books!) And I love and cherish each one of them. I know the quality Shutterfly produces and they continue to impress me.

I chose a 5 x 7 size this year, and a different style than we’ve ever done before. I was hoping I’d love them as much as in person as I did online.

I opened the box, tore off the plastic around the cards, (put my reading glasses on,) and inspected my creation. I exclaimed to Bill, “I love them!” (I believe he was thankful that I did…it wouldn’t have been a pleasant moment if I didn’t.) They turned out exactly the way I was hoping they would…even better in person.

Someone might read this and be tempted to lecture me about the fact that it’s not even Thanksgiving, so why am I thinking about Christmas? That person might not want to know that we’ll also be putting our Christmas tree up this weekend…yes before Thanksgiving! **GASP!** We have our reasons that work for our family. And if I waited until after Thanksgiving to order our cards, I might never be able to get them mailed in time before Christmas…especially this year with my schedule. 🙂

I’ll post our Christmas card online closer to Christmas. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do!

And if you do Christmas cards and haven’t decided on yours already, I suggest checking into Watch for a great sale, as they offer ones often. If you need any other tips or tricks, let me know!

It’s exciting to receive an orange box in the mailbox! 🙂

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