Wouldn’t it be fun to get to know each other better?

This question has been on my mind as of late.

We’re all doing our own thing. (And doing it the best way we know how, I might add.) We have schedules to keep, to-do lists to work from, and deadlines to meet. We have bottles to wash, laundry to do, and kids to get ready for school. You and I have plates that are full-to-overflowing most days.

But, wouldn’t it be kind of nice to pause for a few moments to just get to know each other a bit better? To learn what’s important to one another? To find out what makes each one of us tick? (And, to have a little fun while doing it?)

Yes, God made us unique with different likes, personalities, preferences, and attitudes. I find it amazing no two of us are the same. This is something we can appreciate and celebrate! Maybe we’re more different than alike, or maybe we’re more alike than we realize. But, either way, we’re all unique. All special. And, that’s a good thing.

I invite you today to join me as we answer a “would you rather” question. Take a moment to think about your answer, and if you’re willing to join the conversation below, add your answer to the comments! The cool thing is, there’s no wrong answer! Yay! Let’s have a little fun today!


Would you rather live in the city or live in the country?

Would you rather live in the city or the country?


If you know me, you can probably already guess my answer.

I’ve done both, but…

I’d rather live in the country. In fact, I already do. We love it out here in rural Iowa, surrounded by farm fields (this year it’s filled with soybean plants). The town I grew up in is north of us on the horizon, and many a summer evening its baseball field lights shine through our windows. (Ever see the movie, The Final Season? It was based on my hometown’s high school baseball team on that very baseball field.)

We don’t have close (in location) neighbors, but we’re thankful for the ones we have. They are good people. We don’t live too far from Bill’s parents and we’re within 20 minutes of my three brothers–one is around the corner, one lives a mile from us, and the other is 16 miles away. (Isn’t it interesting we all, for the most part, settled close to our hometown?) I’m grateful my brothers and I are close–in relationship and in location. Our pets consist of four lively farm cats (Momma, Spaz, Kitty & Baby) who grace our back deck most days.

Why do I love the country?

Goodness, I love it out here. We can view both sunrises and sunsets through our windows. The views are quite amazing. It’s quiet and peaceful, except for the hourly-or-so train in the distance or the occasional airplane up above. We’re removed from the hub-bub and clamor and find ourselves often relaxing outdoors. Our yard is rather large which gives us lots of room to do the things we like to do out here (play yard games, host bonfires, etc.)

Why don’t I love the country?

Well, my number one complaint is our road. The road that brings us home is covered in gravel, so much of the time our vehicles are graced with gravel dust. Our house gets dusty quickly, as well. And, each spring we pay to have our section of the road treated to cut down on the dust clouds that follow cars speeding by. #ruralroadprobs

The other complaint I have is we put lots of miles on our cars driving to get anywhere. The closest grocery store is 13 miles from our home and it’s about the same distance to a Target or a department store. Yes, we drive a lot. #rurallifeprobs

But, the pros of living out here in the country outweigh the cons.

Friend, how about you? What’s your preference? Living in the city or living in the country? Which would you rather do? What makes where you currently live special?

Thanks for sharing in some lighthearted fun today!

Blessings to you, no matter where you live!




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