Living in the Present

by | Jan 29, 2010 | Encouragement, schedule

“We can’t gather up moments and store them for later use. We can’t anticipate the time to come and catch it before it slips away. Time can’t be banked or hoarded–the best we can do it make the most of the time we do have.”  –Mary Pielenz Hampton
Making the most of the time we do have.  Hmmm…I think I did that today, however there are many days that I don’t.  I can waste time with the best of them.  Today was a very full day for me. 
I spent the majority of the day at Mission of Hope.  But before I arrived there, I ran an errand and picked up some things I needed.  At Mission of Hope, I was constantly doing something, but today I helped make 8-1/2 dozen of chocolate chip cookies for this weekend. 🙂  Afterwards, I picked up Zach from school, took him home and made him an early dinner. 

My right ear was bothering me, so as Bill took Zach to soccer, I ran to the urgent care clinic close to us.  Sure enough, I have the starting of an ear infection. Ugh!  I picked up a prescription for antibiotics, and ran to school to pick up Zach after soccer.  He was exhausted. I drove him home, and within a half hour, I was out the door again to go pick up Ali from volleyball.

I have a tendency to not “live in the present,” but to think about the past, or think about the future.  Today I tried to live in the present and focus on each thing I was doing and tried to appreciate each moment.  What a difference that made!

I plan to do the same tomorrow, and not get caught in living in the past or the future, but cherishing the present.  I’m exhausted…I’m going to bed!  Good night! 🙂

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