A Full Pitcher

by | Jan 30, 2010 | Encouragement

I took the day off today, and had a very enjoyable day.  I think sometimes we just have to take time for ourselves!  Wait, I don’t think that…I KNOW that!

Pitcher black & whiteI heard the analogy once that we are each like a pitcher of water.  When our pitcher is full, we pour out a little in each thing we do, and in each person in our lives. We pour out a little here, we pour out a little there. Eventually, our pitcher becomes half-full, then eventually…empty.  If we don’t take time to fill our pitcher (ourselves) back up, we can no longer pour ourselves into the things and people in our life.  We are empty!  Today I filled my pitcher back up!

I met Bill right away in the morning, and our “date” consisted of walking through the grocery store together. My stomach wasn’t feeling that well to have coffee together (a side effect from my antibiotics), so we got groceries.  Pretty romantic, huh?  It was time together, and that’s what I needed.

I then met Tina for a light breakfast.  It was wonderful to catch up with her and spend time with her.  We each need quality time together to feel reconnected…after our time together, I feel very connected to her again!  We shared our joys, struggles, cares, situations, schedules, etc. of our lives, and encouraged each other in the process!  I can share EVERYTHING with Tina, and usually do! 🙂  What a great best friend she is!

I had a foot doctor appointment late morning. I really like my podiatrist! We checked my orthotics (I can’t believe I have to wear orthotics at my age!), and she recommended a different brand of shoe for me.  I’m excited to check them out and see if they will work for me!  She took time with me and made me feel valued and “normal” for needing orthotics.  She also encouraged me to keep taking care of my feet…one of the areas of our body that we often neglect!

My friend, Jeanie, took me out to lunch for my birthday (a little belated, but I was fine with that!) at Ruby Tuesday…one of my favorite salad bars!  We had such a nice time together…God seems to continue to take Jeanie and I through similar circumstances, and seems to show similar things to each other at the same time.  Our time together was very encouraging for me in many areas of my life.  She even gave me a birthday present, which I am loving…a Scentsy warmer-thing with scented wax! (I’m not sure what to call it, but I love it!) Our house smells great tonight!

I then pampered myself with a haircut…I love my hair appointments, and I enjoy the company of my stylist, Tracy.  We did a different cut, which I am liking.  I can’t wait to work with it tomorrow and see the difference after doing it myself.  She always does a wonderful job with my hair!

I picked up the kids from school, and I felt different.  I felt that my pitcher was full again…that I could be a better mom, wife, and woman in general.  I needed a day to fill me back up again…and I’m glad it was today!

Do something for yourself tomorrow to fill your pitcher.  You’ll be glad you did! 🙂

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