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by | Jan 23, 2010 | thankfulness

Blessings abound–look around you.
The smiles of children, the beauty of a
glorious sunset, the comfort of a warm
bed at night.  Small and great, there
are plenty of reasons to say to God,
“Thank you.”
–Joni Eareckson Tada

I am struggling today…and I really don’t know why.

I’m tired, I know that.  Two teenage girls kept me awake last night, and once I finally fell asleep, I awoke to their laughter (again).  I’m not sure how much sleep I got, but it wasn’t much.

I found out from my friend Tina this morning that two people who attended church at Mission of Hope were shot and killed last evening.  One was Tina’s cousin.  This has really hit me today…they were part of our church family and a part of what is so near to my heart, Mission of Hope.  I didn’t know them, but had met them and we attended church together.  I can only imagine what emotions Tina is experiencing this afternoon.

I’m feeling out of sorts…I can’t seem to keep up at home, in my office, or with my schedule.  I’m struggling…plain and simple.

I decided to grab a book on friendship…not sure why, but it was sitting on my desk.  I thumbed through it and found the above quote.  I needed some encouragement today. 

I have a lot to be thankful for. 

I thank God for my family,
for our home,
for my warm bed,
for our jobs,
for a healthy body,
for what’s awaiting me in heaven,
for Mission of Hope,
for my brothers and their families,
for my customers,
for the women I get to work with,
for my incredible friends,
for time spent last night with brother Pat and his family,

for the relationship I had with my parents,
for music,
for God’s love,
for His plan for my life,
for the gifts and talents He has given me,
for the opportunity to love and to be loved.

There really are so many things I can be thankful for…IF I choose to be.  I CHOOSE to be thankful at this very moment, and even though I may be feeling out of sorts, I can still be thankful.

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