I Saw God Today #4

by | Mar 7, 2009 | Encouragement, God, music

If you listen to country music at all, you’ve probably heard the song by George Strait, “I Saw God Today.” I heard it again yesterday in the car on our way to school in the morning. It talks about how he saw God in different circumstances of his day…a flower growing up through the sidewalk, a couple walking hand in hand and he noticed the woman just starting to show in her pregnancy, the beautiful sunset, the miracle of his newborn baby girl. Did he actually “see” God? Well, no. Be he saw the things that had God’s fingerprints on them…he saw what God had done…he saw God’s workmanship.

I’ve been focused on “seeing” God in my circumstances for some time now. Somedays I “see” Him a lot, and some days I’m just too busy to notice. What a shame on those days…I really miss out.

Through Jill’s passing, I’ve been paying more attention to where God appears to me. Again, I don’t see Him, but I can see what’s He’s done. I can see Him in my circumstances if I look. There are so many ways I’ve “seen” him in the last week…

I saw God…
…in Ali’s smile when she passed her driver’s permit test last Friday.
…in Ali’s tears just a few minutes later when we found out Jill wouldn’t be able to survive her trauma.
…as Alex’s soccer team and friends sat behind him at the visitation in support of him
…in the soccer ball that one of Alex’s teammates and his mom decorated as a memorial of Jill with all the names of Alex’s teammates on it.
…as Alex’s teammates all wore their soccer jerseys to the funeral and filled up the pew at the church.
…in Alex’s smile at one point during the funeral meal. His smile gave me hope.
…as He prompted over 1,200 people to come to Jill’s visitation.
…in the green grass, just underneath the dried, dead grass at the cemetary.

…in a friend’s comfort last Saturday at a volleyball tournament after I was notified that Jill passed away.

…in the sunset on Wednesday driving home from the funeral meal. I tried taking a picture of it, but the picture doesn’t quite show the beauty we were able to soak in.
…in cards of sympathy and encouragement I’ve received. Even my sister-in-law’s parents sent me a beautiful card!
…in phone calls of my friends loving me, checking on me, and just being there for me.
…in Ali’s excitement of learning how to drive.
…in Zach’s tears for his friend Alex.
…in both Zach’s and Alex’s faces as Zach ran to catch up with Alex after both of them were dropped off at school yesterday morning and as they walked in the building together.

I know there have been so many more ways I’ve “seen” God this week, but that’s all I can recall right now.

My thought today is that I am really going to pay attention to my circumstances today…to look and see where God is appearing to me. God encourages me in this way. I hope you’ll take time today to stop and notice where He might be appearing to you too! May you be encouraged today!
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