How To Become Friends With Your Swimsuit

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Nope, this post isn’t about losing weight or getting in shape for swimsuit season. Nor is it about “how to look better in your bikini” or “five swimsuits that look good on every body.” Nope. This is real life right here, friend. Swimsuit season is upon us, and we might have opportunities to wear one this summer. Will we go near the beach this season? Will we be invited to the lake with friends? Or what about the pool party down the street? The never-ending battle, however, is this: What do I do if I don’t look good in a swimsuit? Friend, let’s talk about how to become friends with your swimsuit.

Because last night I was not friends with my swimsuit.

I hated my swimsuit, quite frankly. I tried it on, and let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. For some reason, I just don’t look like I used to in a swimsuit. Might have something to do with age?? Looking in the mirror, I wanted to shed a few tears. I wanted to say, “Forget it. I’m not wearing this.” And for a minute, I did. I felt depleted, discouraged, and a bit humiliated.

Standing there I had a decision to make. Will I allow this suit to determine my worth? Will I allow it to define me? No way. I mustered up some courage, and instead, I looked my reflection in the eye and had a stern talk with her. I’m not sure where this wisdom came from, maybe from God, Himself, but I told her five things: 1) many people do not look their best in swimsuits,; 2) it’s just a piece of clothing; 3) own this swimsuit!; 4) you are God’s masterpiece; and 5) go have fun.

If you’re fretting putting on that suit this year, friend, I’m saying these same words to you today. Become friends with your swimsuit.

How To Become Friends With Your Swimsuit

How to become friends with your swimsuit.

1) Who looks their best in a swimsuit, anyway?

Honestly, few people do. And if you do, that’s great! Yay for you!! For the rest of us, however, we likely look (and feel) better in something else. I’ll take shorts and a t-shirt, thank you. But those don’t always fly in water. In fact, they can get in the way in water. So most often, a swimsuit is a better choice. So let’s just embrace the fact most of us are feeling the same way about wearing swimsuits. We’d prefer to be in something else and we’re a bit uncomfortable in wearing one. We’re in the same boat here! (Maybe literally, too.)

2) Recognize a swimsuit is just a piece of clothing.

A swimsuit isn’t a trophy, nor is it a display case. It’s simply a piece (or pieces) of clothing most of us don’t wear too often. Yet, for some reason, it’s one we tend to put more emphasis on. It’s one we sometimes avoid wearing. And it’s one most of us dread shopping for. I mean, who likes trying them on in a small, cramped space with above fluorescent lighting highlighting every uneven part of our swimsuit-donning bodies? No, thank you. Accepting it’s just another piece of clothing takes the power and pressure away from the swimsuit.

3) Be comfortable in your own skin.

Because we allow swimsuits, this piece (or pieces) of clothing, to change the way we feel about ourselves, we’ve been known to lose any shred of confidence we had before we put that suit on (at least I have!). So friend, I say when you’re wearing that piece of clothing, own it! Own it as if you were wearing that outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. Because when you’re confident in your own self, in your own skin, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You being confident in your own skin is a beautiful testimony of who God created you to be.

4) God created a masterpiece in you.

He sure did. Such a masterpiece that He broke the mold after forming you in your mother’s womb. There’s not one other person on this earth like you. You are it! You are His magnificent creation. So, why not be comfortable in your own skin? Remember this truth when you put on that swimsuit or any time your confidence begins to wane. God thinks you’re extraordinarily amazing! You are beautiful. No matter what size your swimsuit is. No matter what the voices whisper in your head. And no matter how you’ve felt about yourself prior to reading this. Believe you are beautiful, friend, because you are.

5) Go have fun in that swimsuit.

When we wear swimsuits, we are usually around water, right? Something fun is happening around us. Maybe it’s at a beach, or at a pool, or on the lake in a boat. Maybe it’s on a cruise, or floating down a river, or at a waterpark. Let yourself have fun in that suit! Don’t sit by the sidelines, covering yourself up. (Unless that’s your thing, and if it is, great!) Get in the water. Allow yourself to splash around. Have fun and let yourself be a little girl again. Why not?? Life is too short not to, my friend.

Life is too short not to become friends with your swimsuit.

It’s time we give ourselves permission to be okay in our own skin, no matter what we’re wearing. And it’s a good time to become friends with your swimsuit. Friend, I pray we can vow to each other and to ourselves to not let a swimsuit get in the way of anything this season. May we embrace that suit and wear it with confidence. Let’s do this!

Much love!

How To Become Friends With Your Swimsuit

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