Here I Am…

by | Mar 29, 2012 | family, God, God's blessings, thankfulness

coffee 01 edited 2Here I am…

…worn out tonight due to lack of sleep over the weekend and last night (circumstances beyond my control).

…thinking of a conversation I had today with someone who I used to be close to, and I realized after our conversation today we really don’t have much in common anymore. (Makes me just a little sad.)

…if I think about all I have to do this week, feeling overwhelmed will be the end result. (I’m choosing to take things one day at a time.)

…sitting with leg muscles aching due to a new workout I did this morning (it’s actually a great feeling!).

…thankful for my health, Bill’s, Ali’s, & Zach’s health. (A sister Mary Kay Sales Director has been told she has weeks to live due to cancer. My heart is heavy as I think of the battle she has fought, yet she will be victorious in death as Jesus will be taking her home soon.)

…praying for a boy in Ali’s showchoir who has been missing since a week ago tomorrow. (I pray God will protect Caleb and bring him home…and also reveal Himself to Caleb.)

…humbled for the many lives I was able to pour myself into today, and thankful that I no longer live my life for myself (like I used to). I’m thankful for God’s calling on my life!

…rejoicing in all that God is doing in our family’s lives right now (pretty amazing!).

…still soaking up what I read tonight in my BSF lesson about relying on God’s strength and not my own.

…blessed beyond my wildest dreams as I ponder all that God is, how much He loves me, and how He continues to equip me and bless me!

No matter how tired we are or how we may be feeling at any given time, if we stop and really look at how God has blessed us, we have much to be thankful for. I am certainly that tonight!

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