God’s Beauty

by | Sep 5, 2010 | God, God's blessings

I love mornings, and I love seeing the sun rise.
This was my view out of our kitchen window this morning…
How beautiful!  I thanked God for giving me such a beautiful gift in capturning that sight this morning.  How amazing and glorious He is!  And for Him to give me, little ol’ me, that glimpse of His beauty, I am in awe and wonder already today.
He could make sunrises and sunsets dull and gray.  But He doesn’t…He makes them something beautiful for us to enjoy…just like He has done will all His creation…flowers, trees, green grass, birds, clouds, etc.  (I could do without snakes, spiders and rodents though!)  He loves us so much and wants us to enjoy the things He’s created.
What a Creator, what a God!  Amen!
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