Go Ali and Her Team!

by | Sep 4, 2010 | This Lefe Family

Ali had another great night of volleyball last night!  She’d be the first to admit that she started out a little rough in the first match, but made some adjustments and had what I thought, a very strong performance!  We talked about it after she arrived home last night.  She commented on how she started the night out… “I was playing awful and I thought ‘Mom is thinking, what in the world is she doing?'” She knows me too well…I honestly was thinking some of that, but mostly I was up in the stands praying…praying that God would guide her and strengthen her to use her skills. He answered! She certainly shined for Him last night!
Bill surprised her by getting off work early to come and watch her play.  She was so happy to see her Daddy there, as he hasn’t been able to make it to any of her games yet this season! 🙂
I took some video of her and her team with my camera (the quality isn’t the best and I warn you, it’s loud with all the background noise).  She’s #17 and has a ponytail with a white and black headband in her hair.
The girls were undefeated last night…they played four matches (and four different teams) and won them all! How fun it was to watch them excel at what they all love so much!  Great job girls!!!!
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