Fun With Class of 1986

by | Jul 29, 2012 | friends, just for fun, memories, summer

This weekend I was blessed to be able to spend time with some old friends of mine…not friends who are old, but friends of mine from long ago. 🙂  2012 marks the 25th year since I graduated from high school…which is so hard for me to believe!!! Our class reunion of 1987 is in a couple of weeks. But the Class of 1986 got together for their 26th reunion over the weekend. They had their 25th last year and evidently had so much fun, they planned another get together for this year. They had 28 in their graduating class. My class had 27. I know, that’s unheard of today! Tina graduated in 1986, and since I knew everyone from that class, she invited Bill and I to attend. And I’m so very glad we did!
Friday evening was held at our favorite “Friday Date Night” spot, Fireside Winery. We love the atmosphere, the music and the time spent together. It was a wonderful night together. Only about ten of the Class of 1986 were there, but we had so much fun! We reminisced, we laughed, we caught back up with each other. 
The most refreshing thing was that it was nothing like high school…no who’s popular and who’s not…just being real people with real lives. I loved that!! Bill knew most everyone, or at least had met everyone before. Another fun thing was that three of us from my class were there, not knowing each of us would be. 
Last night was held at a local restaurant/pub. Eighteen of the 28 attended, plus two teachers! Bill and I again crashed their “party.” Ali and Zach joined us for dinner, then went home. They were able to meet my two teachers and many of the friends I have talked about and shared memories about over the years. Both of them were so outgoing and shared in conversations with others. I was a completely proud momma! 🙂
Again, there was no hidden popularity contests, no circles. Just everyone reconnecting with each other. I loved it. I was able to connect with friends who I hadn’t seen for years, some since high school! There were also some there from the Class of 1988 too! It was wonderful! I had a blast!
Here are some pictures from Friday night…
 Mike & Bill
 Tina & I
 Some of the Class of ’86…Steve, Dave, Greg, Angie, Tina, Rhonda, Amy
 Bill & I
 With Angie
 Having fun with Bill!!
Steve & Angie
Thanks Class of 1986 for allowing us to spend the weekend with you! Once again, we added to some great memories! You were important in my life back in high school, and I’m thankful you are still a part of my life today! God bless all of you!!
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