Dinner With Bennett

by | Jul 28, 2012 | family, just for fun, summer

Wednesday evening this week, I took my Godson and nephew, Bennett, out to dinner for his 11th birthday. His birthday was the week prior. We met up after work. Bennett’s choice was to have dinner at Carlos O’Kelly’s. We each tried something new to eat, as we both normally order tacos when we eat there…either together or with others. We talked about everything from friends to school to summer to sports. It was refreshing to see and hear about life from his perspective! He’s full of life, energy and joy, and his smile is contagious!

After stuffing ourselves with our meal and chips and salsa, we also wanted to visit Orange Leaf for some frozen yogurt. Our stomachs were so full, so we tried to find something to do to let our meals settle a little. We stopped at one of my customers’ homes and dropped something off for her. After talking about our new baby kittens around our home, we decided to swing by Theisen’s to look for some sort of “home” for the cats. We found two that would work, and Bennett helped me load them. He’s a pretty strong 11-year old! 🙂

We made our way to Orange Leaf, and we again tried new flavors. Bennett mixed in a bunch of different things together and I was a little less bold. 🙂 We talked about a possible Godson/Godmom day as we enjoyed our yogurt. We’ll have to plan that soon! 

I am so thankful I was chosen to be Bennett’s Godmother. He’s pretty special to me! I enjoy spending time with him, even when he beats me in a game of bags! (I stink at that, by the way.)

Benny, I love you, buddy! Thanks for such a great time the other night, and I look forward to spending time together again soon! Keep being such a great kid! God has big plans for your life…and I look forward to cheering you on as you follow His path!

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