This week’s get-to-know-you question has to do with our sleep preferences (or, I should say our waking preferences). Please remember there’s no wrong answer here. This is just a fun way to help us get acquainted with each other!

Here goes!

Would you rather rise early or sleep in?

Would you rather rise early or sleep in?

Are you an “early bird” who hits the hay early to rise early the next morning?

Or are you a “night owl” who stays up late and prefers to sleep in?

Right now, in this season of life, I’d have to say I’m an early riser. I prefer to get up early to write, to read my Bible, to exercise, and to get my day started off in an uplifting and positive way. I like to feel I’ve accomplished something before 8 a.m. On those rare days when I do sleep in, I can catch myself feeling I’ve “wasted” part of my day by sleeping when I could have been up doing something productive. (Silly, I know.)

I guess I’m one who likes to get things done.

I like the feeling of accomplishment. This is interesting to me, however, as I’m realizing today that’s what drives me to get up early. Hmm. (I’m finding new stuff about me all the time!)

Yet, a part of me likes to stay up till midnight. To finish something I’m working on or to end the day in a quiet, relaxing manner. Without a rush or hurry. Maybe with some reading or journaling. I could be a night owl very easily, too. I have friends who are, and they love the late night hours. They enjoy sleeping in. They get just as much done late as I like to early.

Maybe some of this has to do with my husband. He gets up earlier than I do and is often out the door for work before I crack an eye open. If he was a night owl (which I believe is his preference), I might tend to follow suit. If he’s up, I like to be up, and if he’s asleep, I like to be asleep also. (That Quality Time Love Language gets me!)

Unrushed mornings are important to me.

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning. It felt good to get up early. It felt good not to rush. If you’ve ever read my Meet Julie page here on my site, you’ll see one of the first things about me (besides me loving a good cup of coffee) is I find joy in unrushed mornings. I always have.

Even when our children were young, I desired a non-stressful morning routine for us all and tried to create that atmosphere here at home. Yes, I was one of those moms who made breakfast every morning for my children. My mom did that for me, so I wanted to do that for my kids. I wanted to do all I could to help them have an unrushed start to their day.

So, it seems when I rise early, my mornings are much less rushed. Let’s just say an unrushed Julie is a more pleasant Julie to be around.

Friend, how about you? What’s your preference?

Would you rather rise early or sleep in?

I’d love to read about your routine and maybe the reason behind it (if there is one). What’s important to you? How does your ideal day start? How does it end? Please share in the comments below or in social media feeds where you may read this. Have some fun with me!

Thank you for allowing us to get to know each other better!


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