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I love Mondays!

I have Mondays off since Mission of Hope is closed every Monday. I often end up doing some work from home though, and I often work parts of my Mary Kay business on Mondays.

I’m up early this morning, enjoying  my coffee and the beautiful weather. It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day with a high temp of 92…a little warm for my tastes, but not as warm as it has been. But it’ll be a perfect day to sit poolside in a lounge chair at the water park, as I take Zach and a couple of his friends there today. I look forward to relaxing in the sun, and reading my book. It’ll be refreshing for me to have some time to reflect, ponder and pray…yes, even at a water park! The book I’m reading is causing me to think…Radical by David Platt. It’s about taking back your faith from the American Dream…convicting and challenging for me right now…very good!

We’ll be leaving here in less than two hours so I should be getting the flowers watered, my workout in this morning and myself ready.

May your day be blessed and may your Monday be filled with things that bring you joy! I’m looking for mine to be! 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

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