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by | Mar 11, 2013 | family, God's blessings, vacation

Just a few hours ago I was in sunny Sarasota. 

It was 75 degrees when we left there this afternoon. It’s 36 degrees here.
It was beautiful and sunny there. It’s raining now and should be snowing here soon.
I was spoiled there by Barb and her beautiful hospitality.
I love the weather in Sarasota and the break we get to experience there. But…
There’s no place like home!
I love our home. (But can we move it south??) I am SO ready for spring!!
But seriously, I will enjoy sleeping in my own bed tonight. And waking up in my jammies with my coffee and my morning routine. And I have many blessings here at home I get to enjoy.
I’ll post pics later!
Happy Sunday!
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