Drive-Thru Blessing

by | Jan 19, 2013 | God's blessings, just for fun, winter

After I ran an errand for the Mission on my way there this morning, I thought I would swing by Starbucks and grab me a latte.

As I was pulling around to get in line to order, the thought came to me that if someone ended up being behind me in line, I would pay for their order too.

I ordered by venti non-fat latte, and waited in line.

Soon, a car with two women inside pulled up behind me. I didn’t pay much attention to the cars ahead of me, but I became excited to be able to bless the women in the car behind me. 🙂

As I got up to the window, and was about to hand my gift card to the gal at the window, she said, “You don’t owe anything…the woman ahead of you paid for your order.” Oh my goodness…I had never had this happen to me before. I was so taken back!

I said to the girl, “Well, I want to pay for the order of the car behind me.”

What a blessing! As I drove off after being handed my latte and paying for the women’s order behind me, tears came to my eyes. Someone showed me God’s love through a simple act of paying for my coffee, and I was able to pass it on. I thanked God for allowing me to experience this! I knew it was going to be a great day!

And it was. I’m still reeling for this experience from this morning. I can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

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