Three Special People

by | Dec 19, 2012 | God's blessings, health

I had an experience yesterday that blessed me.

It was my second thyroid biopsy in two years. The first one seemed to not be a big deal. I remember the room being dark and small. This time around, however, I was in a surgical-looking room with three nurses, a doctor, and a pathologist. These surroundings made me feel more nervous than I expected.

One of the male nurses looked familiar to me. The other (whom I can’t remember his name) started some small talk with me, asking me if I worked outside the home. I mentioned Mission of Hope, and the nurse that looked familiar to me said, “That’s where I know you from. I came there with my church and sang at one of the worship services.” And then it clicked. Yes, that’s where I knew him from. That comforted me, I guess…knowing there was at least another one in the room who claimed Jesus to be his Savior. 🙂 His name was Jason.

As we were about to begin, I found it a little comical that the other male nurse commented on my manicured nails. The female nurse (also can’t remember her name) asked if I did them myself or had them done. It was funny to hear the response when I said I did them myself. I guess the dark red color was an eye catcher more than I realized. 🙂

Lying in that familiar uncomfortable position as the first biopsy, the doctor began the procedure. And as he explained everything he was doing, I couldn’t feel a thing after the first poke…which I was more than thankful for.

Then it happened…the thing that blessed me the most. The female nurse grabbed my left hand and held it through most of the procedure. She blessed me with that small act of kindness!

They took three samples. I looked at the ceiling and prayed through the whole thing. I was wondering if Jason was praying for me as well. What a relief it was to hear the words from the doctor, “We’re done.”

Those three nurses were more than wonderful! In the small amount of time we were together, they impacted my life and blessed me.

I haven’t found out the results yet. I’m praying and trusting God in the meantime. But what could have been an uncomfortable and miserable experience, was turned into a memorable one because of three special people.

Merry Christmas friends!

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