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by | Jan 30, 2010 | family

Last night I called a family meeting. 

It had been awhile since we all sat down and talked about life…and what was going on in our lives.  It was time!  After dinner we sat around the kitchen table, and broke out the Pepsi and Hersey’s Kisses. 🙂  I shared why I thought we needed a family meeting…to regroup as a family, and to be able to openly share what’s going on and what’s coming up in our lives.  We can’t support each other very well if we don’t know what each other is experiencing.

We talked about all sorts of things…school, volleyball, show choir, soccer, driving to school, classes, schedules, attitudes, responsibilities, health, summer vacation, household chores, etc.  Our family meeting took about an hour and fifteen minutes…Ali was ready to adjourn at 30 minutes. 🙂 

I felt so good walking away from our meeting, feeling like we were all “on the same page.”  I felt like I could be a better mom and wife, after listening to Bill, Ali and Zach.  We plan on having a meeting each week, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.  I feel it’s important and necessary, especially as Ali and Zach are getting older and busier.  I was very blessed by our meeting!

I think we decided where we are going on vacation this summer…and everyone is excited about that.  We just need to make sure Bill has vacation secure before we set things into motion. 

It was fun to see Ali bust out in laughter, sharing with us an experience she had with her friend Callie recently in Target. 🙂 

Zach shared a few things that went on at school and soccer this week.  Can he really be a 7th grader?

Bill shared some wisdom about driving with all of us…it impacted me, and I hope it did the same for Ali and Zach.

My family is changing right before my eyes, as Ali and Zach are growing older.  As I explained to them, I want to be as involved as possible in their lives, so I can support them, encourage them, and know how to pray for them.  I am so thankful God gave us that time last night, and that He gave me the thought to have a family meeting in the first place! 🙂

I wonder what will be on our “agenda” for this week’s meeting? 🙂

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