25 Ways to Brighten Another’s Life Today

by | Apr 11, 2014 | Encouragement, Serving

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We have the opportunity to make today great.

The ups and downs of life might still take place, but we can choose to live fully alive, and hope-filled, in spite of them. As we do so, why not choose to brighten another’s day in the process??!!

25 ways to brighten another’s life today

  1. Smile.
  2. Give a hug.
  3. Send a card in the mail.
  4. Say “I love you.”
  5. Give a sincere compliment.
  6. Open the door for someone.
  7. Invite a friend out for coffee.
  8. Send an “I’m thinking of you” text.
  9. Make dinner for someone just getting out of the hospital.
  10. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
  11. Rake a neighbor’s yard.
  12. Offer someone a ride.
  13. Bake a batch of brownies and take them to your co-workers.
  14. Visit the elderly in a care facility.
  15. Make your spouse’s favorite meal.
  16. Tell your boss “thank you.”
  17. Load someone else’s parking meter.
  18. Pay for the person’s meal/coffee behind you in the drive-thru lane.
  19. Take flowers to your daughter or mom.
  20. Have fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies ready for when the kids get home from school.
  21. Write a note of appreciation to your pastor.
  22. Leave a love note for your spouse.
  23. Play a family board game.
  24. Take a long walk with your spouse–and hold hands.
  25. Remind someone of the difference they’ve made in your life.

When we help make someone else’s day a little better, our day becomes better too!

You would brighten my day by sharing how you brighten the lives of others! Reply below with your ideas, or reply with some ways you did this today. How many ways can we brighten the lives of those around us?

Thank you for being on this journey of life with me!


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  1. Sabra Penley

    What a great go-to list, Julie!

    God is constantly reminding me that in order to do something kind for another person, we must first take notice of them and move beyond ourselves. Every one of these actions of blessing requires us to be selfless. I’ve been trying to be more aware of the needs around me and show love through meeting those needs.

    In my apartment community, people come and go all the time. I try to notice each one of them and send them a smile and a wave, and even start a conversation when the opportunity arises. (I’m an introvert, so this stretches me.) I pick up trash that is lying around. I take a plate of goodies to new neighbors after they move in and exchange names and numbers–always breaks the ice for building relationships.

    When I’m out and about, I pray for people that I see–the person that cuts me off in traffic or is driving a little too fast, the mom that is obviously stressed out trying to keep her kids in line at Walmart, the cashier that just looks she wishes she was anywhere but there… I try to remember that everyone has stuff going on in their lives.

    Which takes me back to #1–SMILE. And always, always have a grateful heart and say THANK YOU to people who serve and show kindness to me.

    I know I can use reminders every day to take my eyes off my own life and put them on others and do good. Thanks for such great suggestions, Julie!

    • Julie

      Oooh, great ideas for doing good to others, Sabra! Some of those things may seem little to us, but could have a significant impact on the other person. I appreciate you sharing these! They all challenge us to move beyond ourselves, which is always a good thing. On another note, I’m grateful for you today, Sabra, and for meeting you through COMPEL. It’s been fun to be on this writing journey alongside of you. I continue to lift you in prayer. Hugs!

      • Sabra Penley

        Thanks so much, Julie! Hugs to you, too.

  2. Sabra Penley

    Sorry, Julie…just realized how long my comment was. I’m a little wordy this morning!

    • Julie

      I LOVED your comment! No worries!

  3. Ellen Chauvin

    Wonderful list! #23-play a board dame with family is what I did today with two of our grands! So much fun – for me and them!!

    • Julie

      That’s great, Ellen! I suggested that activity with my seventeen year old son, but he declined. There are so many ways to bless others! Hope you’re having a great weekend!


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