Throwback Thursday – A Life Altering Accident

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Parenting

Throwback Thursday – featuring one of my post popular posts in the history of my blog!

I was reminded of it again on Tuesday…

I saw my son’s face and number come up on my phone. Looking at the time, his school day just ended. He was probably driving home. As I tapped the button to receive his call, I prayed silently, “Lord, let him be okay.”

Come to find out, he was just calling me to share his plans had changed.

I go through this mini-panic, something’s wrong cycle every time I see my children calling me. I instantly pray they are okay. They have no clue of my concern on the other end of their phone call.

With each call, however, I’m taken back to that Monday morning in December 2011 when my daughter’s face and number came up on my phone. On the other end, she, in a tone I had never heard–and haven’t heard since–said those terrifying words, “I’ve been in a car accident!”

The details of that morning, and one of my most popular posts:  Ali’s Accident.

That’s a phone call a mom never wants to get. I pray I never receive another one like it.

Maybe someday I’ll get over these mini-panic phone call moments. Maybe I never will. But each day I thank and praise God for His protection of my children. And each time I know they are behind the wheel, you better believe this mom is praying for their safety.

I continue to thank God for sparing my daughter’s life that cold December morning.

Thank you for allowing me to share this Throwback Thursday post, and part of my life with you today.


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