Woman to Woman (W2W) Wednesday

by | Feb 27, 2014 | W2W

encourage one another editedFriends who are of the female gender… Today I am writing specifically to you. From one woman to another. Woman to woman.

Life can be draining some days, can’t it? Some days we look in the mirror and wonder what happened to the vibrant, full-of-life girl we used to be. There are moments when we wonder, “Is all this going work out?” Life can bring stresses and worries…and with them, headaches and heartaches. And there are specific times in our lives we need life breathed back into us. We need encouragement. Sometimes it’s daily, sometimes it’s hourly, and sometimes moment-to-moment.

We pour ourselves out every day. We give all we have…to our families, to our jobs, to our studies, to our passions, in school, in serving others, in volunteering, being a part of the P.T.O, or being active in ministry. The list is endless. We pour ourselves out from the moment our eyes open in the morning, until we close them at night. (Or if you work third shift, those times would be switched! Bless you!) If we keep pouring, and pouring, and pouring, and don’t take time to fill ourselves back up, we will eventually run dry. We will find we have nothing more to give. Let’s not let that happen.

This is where Woman to Woman comes in (or W2W for short).

Each Wednesday on my “new” blog, it’ll be our day to encourage one another, to lift each other up, and to spread hope and joy among us. It’ll be our time to grab a cup of coffee–or tea, or water, or whatever–and take a few moments to fill ourselves back up. A mid-week pick-me-up. An oasis of a few minutes in the morning, or on your lunch break, or as you’re waiting in the carpool pick-up lane at school, or as you close down your day. This will be our time–our time to build each other up.

1 Thessalonians 5:10-13 (The Message) reads,

So speak encouraging words to one another. Build up hope so you’ll all be together in this, no one left out, no one left behind. I know you’re already doing this; just keep on doing it.

This is where we’ll start.

Today I want you to know, the woman typing these words believes in you. I believe in you because we are in this thing called life together. Our journeys have crossed for a specific reason. I’m thankful you are a part of my life in some way. And I look forward to journeying even farther on our paths together! Today, know this…someone (ME!) believes in YOU!

If you have encouragement to share that would bless other women, by all means, add them below!

Blessings to you on this W2W Wednesday!

(Note: My new friend–the creative, brilliant, child of God–Meredith, came up with the idea of W2W. I fell in love with it, and with her permission, I’m joining her movement. Meredith’s blog: 4hisgloryblog.com. Thanks, Meredith!!)

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    • Julie

      Hi Selena! Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, I love this idea too, and am so glad Meredith shared it with me. God bless you today! W2W is tomorrow! 🙂


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