The Extraordinary Not Ordinary Life

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Love Others, W2W

Day in and day out. Life can seem so ordinary, can’t it?? Is it just me?

Balancing work while balancing the checkbook.

Running a home while lacing up the running shoes to squeeze in some exercise.

Taking care of family while trying to take care of myself.

Folding laundry while folding love notes to my family.

Making dinner while making this place we call home peaceful.

Following the Bible while following my dream.

running shoes edited

Our ordinary schedules. Our ordinary routines. Our ordinary laundry. Our ordinary dinners. Our ordinary families. Our ordinary marriages. Our ordinary jobs. Blah, blah, blah.

Yes, these things may seem ordinary to us, mainly because we live them every day. But let me tell you, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is nothing ordinary about any part of your life or mine.

Each and every part is special, unique, extraordinary. Not because of each thing separately, but because each one is a part of your amazing life.

Take a look at some definitions of ordinary: of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional; mediocre; below average; normal.

Your life is none of those things, and neither are the details of it… your routine, your family, your job, etc.

Now take a look at extraordinary: special; remarkable; beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular; exceptional in character, amount, degree, extent.

Life and all its details are special. All unique. All extraordinary.

The extraordinary, not ordinary life.

There’s extraordinary in what seems ordinary.

Each detail of our lives is a gift, hand selected by the One Who gave us life. When we look at what seems ordinary in this light, we see even a pile of laundry waiting to be folded is a gift. Even the mountain of shoes in our entryway is a gift. Even getting up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, going to bed, and doing it all over again the next day is a gift. Yes, even when I misplace my car keys is a gift. (It sure is frustrating though!) Even my less-than-stellar attempt to balance it all is a gift.

laundry edited

It’s all extraordinary.

And the biggest truth of them all? YOU are extraordinary. You are nothing close to ordinary. You are unique, special, and have been blessed with gifts and talents no one else has. You are incredible. Take a look at Who created you. He makes nothing ordinary. Soak in that truth today, friend.

And as you do, pass this truth on to someone else.

Let’s live out our beautifully extraordinary lives today!

Cheering you on,



I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say on this Woman to Woman Wednesday, where we encourage one another in life. You bless me more than you know each time you’re here, and each time you share. I appreciate you, friend! Thanks for doing life with me!


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  1. Sheila at Longings End

    Each detail of our lives is a gift, hand selected by the One Who gave us life. Love this, Julie. It is all extraordinary! Thanks for the great reminder!

    • Julie

      I need the reminder too, Sheila. Thank you so much for stopping in today and for sharing here. It’s a pleasure!

  2. Abby

    Thank you for this, Julie. I get weighed down by the monotony and repetitiveness sometimes, and I’ve been reminding myself the very things you mention here. Everything is a gift. This life we have. Lovely reminder here!

    • Julie

      I’m with you, Abby. Sometimes repetition is good. Sometimes it’s not so good for me. I think I needed this reminder the most today. You bless me every time you stop by! Hope you and your family are doing well!

  3. Karen Brown

    Julie- Oh, I just love this! It’s so true that when we are close to God, we start seeing things with His vision… and the ordinary becomes extraordinary! Even when we look at ourselves. And boy, do we need help with our vision some days! Thanks for this great reminder… so important and beautifully written! And by the way, I like your shoes! 🙂

    • Julie

      Hi Karen! Thank you for coming by today and for the compliments! I love those shoes…but it’s about time for new ones as I’m wearing them out. 🙂 (That might be a blog post in the making soon!) My vision is blurred most days, so I’m thankful we have His to see clearly. Good perspective for today. Thank you! Hope you’re having a great week!

  4. Meredith Bernard

    Yep, I’d say we were on the same page today, Julie! That’s fun when that happens. 🙂 This statement is so simply true, “There’s extraordinary in what seems ordinary.” Yes!! I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you for this reminder and the encouragement as we dig through these extra-ordinary days together. Hugs!!

    • Julie

      Meredith, good words there… as we dig through these extraordinary days together. So glad we have them and have each other to encourage one another! Keep digging, friend! 🙂 Thanks for hosting Woman2Woman!

  5. Doris Swift

    Thank you Julie, what an encourager you are. For me tonight it was a mountain of dishes; but I shall be thankful I have dishes to wash, water to wash them in, and the food that dirtied them in the first place. Loving my extraordinary life

    • Julie

      Doris, you are so right. All those things are gifts, aren’t they? How often I don’t see them that way. I’m glad you love your extraordinary life, my friend! So thankful for you!

  6. Jennifer

    Thank you! I try to see those ordinary moments as extraordinary moments too…God is in all things…the laundry, the messy house, the yelling and the forgiving. 🙂 We work better when we work for Him.

    • Julie

      Amen, Jennifer! Great perspective… He’s certainly in all things! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Sarah Donegan

    You made me smile! Thank you for encouraging me to see my life and who I am made to be as extraordinary!

    • Julie

      I’m glad this made you smile, Sarah! You are most definitely extraordinary! Blessings to you today!


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